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Dhoni the fantastico Finisher

Dhoni the Fantastico 'Finisher'

Modern day cricket is all about T20 and batsmen tend to go Boom Boom right from the first ball. Be it a Test match of One Day International, batsmen today are not afraid to take risk of hitting big sixes not matter who the bowler is and how big the ground is. However not all batsmen have the ability to do that, and those who do have been tagged as ‘finisher’. Some of the best finishers in the current scenario would include AB Devilliers, Glenn Maxwell, Brendon Mc Cullum and our very own Captain Cool – Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Dhoni the Fantastico 'Finisher'
Dhoni the Fantastico ‘Finisher’

Dhoni has been known for his power hitting right from the time he stepped onto the cricket field. Aspired to become a goalkeeper, Dhoni marched on to become a Cricketer, all credit to his coach who rectified his potential at the right time. And thanks to his big hitting ability, most of the bowlers world-wide don’t want to bowl at him especially in the death overs. He does take sometime to get settled but soon he’ll score much more than run a ball.In recent times he has been in the firing line by the critics who are slamming not only his captaincy skills but also his batting skills. We had seen how he failed in the death overs against Rabada in the recently concluded Freedom series against South Africa. When asked about his retirement by a media person during the press meet, he asked them to file a PIL to know when that would happen ! Calm and Witty is Mr. Dhoni!

The 'Long Hair' Dhoni smashing 183 against Sri Lanka. Image Courtesy: ntdv.com
The ‘Long Hair’ Dhoni smashing 183 against Sri Lanka. Image Courtesy: ntdv.com

Dhoni has on numerous occasions stood at the helm and guided the team to victory. Who would forget the amazing innings studded with sixes against Sri Lanka at the Wankhede when India lifted the world cup.His unbeaten 183 against Sri Lanka was formidable, that was when Dhoni was en route to be dubbed as the greatest finisher. His 148 against arch rivals Pakistan at Vizag was a show of powerful hitting. The final of the ICC World Cup 2011 saw Dhoni coming out determined to lift the world cup – thereby having all the major ICC tournament trophies in his kitty – went on to score 91 and finishing the match with a 6. And the same happened in the game last night at the SCG. 13 required of the last over, and Dhoni rose to the occasion hitting a massive six over long on making it 7 off 5. He did get out on the very next ball, but this was the moment which saved us from a humiliating 5-0 whitewash.

Critizing Dhoni for his batting and captaincy isn’t something good that is going on. He has been one of the most successful captains India has ever had. Every player has had a rough patch and unfortunately it’s the captain whose going through it. Agree, his tactics back fired couple of times during the last series but you cannot blame him, it were the bowlers because of whom we had a bat series. Cumon having the fine leg up in the circle you want your bowler to bowl outside off, but no ! They give a juicy volley on the leg side which goes for 4 !

Dhoni has been and will remain the fantastico finisher. Let’s hope for change in fortunes for Dhoni & Co. in the upcoming T20 series and the T20 World Cup.

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