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From Children’s Day to May Day – time has flown by…

There were only two days in the entire year when you were NOT supposed to wear the usual, boring uniform. One being your birthday and the other was another special day which everyone loved to celebrate Children’s Day. That day was meant for us – children – when teachers organized various programs where they would act, dance and do everything to ensure that we made had utmost fun. After the program, we received the traditional food box – a cardboard box with a samosa, a boondi ladoo, a frooti and a chocolate 😛 

Well, everyone reading this would have definitely been a part something relatively close to what is described above. Right from the day we entered the school to the last day we left, Children’s day was one of the most awaited days of the year. No matter what class you are in – Kinder garden or Class XII – you are a child and hence you will celebrate it ! Most of the time in our schooling days, our teachers used to perform a play, or sometimes  even a fashion show ! And once the program was over, all we used to do was to shout out loud – Holiday ! Holiday ! – asking for no more classes for the day and most of the time, it was granted 😛

Today, after almost 4 years since I left school, suddenly the holiday list looks a bit different. 14th November isn’t marked with a special color ! Rather a new date – 1st May – has made way into the list. Most of us now don’t have an off day for Children’s day, rather we have an off day for International Workers Day aka May Day.

Things have certainly come a long way since the schooling days. We still are children for most of the elders in the community, but legally we are adults and now represent an organization. Previously we used to study for the upcoming exams, but now almost every day is an exam. It’s not that we don’t enjoy – the only thing is the definitions have changed.

The sole reason for this post was to pen down my feelings about how a few years back we used to enjoy Children’s Day and tomorrow we will be enjoying a relaxed day at home celebrating May Day. Things have surely changed, but as it is said – Change is always for good !


You have worked hard toiling throughout delivering your best, now its time to relax have some rest… Happy May Day !

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  1. a very peculiar observation. Yes as adults we are more keen on May day. But once you become a parent, Children’s Day gains back its status 🙂

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