Cricket ke liye kuch bhi karega

“India….India…”,”Sachin….Sachin….” are probably two of the most famous chants in India. Be it a person from the remote town of LongChing (yes its a town in Nagaland) or be a pakka Mumbaikar, people from all parts of India irrespective of their religion, race or the language they speak, these two chants bring all of them together. Indians are die-hard Cricket fanatics, to such an extent that even the national sport of India – Hockey is struggling to get some attention. Wherever Indians go, Cricket has to be on their minds. From board-meetings to marriage, Cricket is an integral part of an Indian’s routine, and without it everything seems incomplete and thus Cricket ke liye Kuch Bhi Karega 😉

India vs Pakistan 2015 World Cup match being telecast during a marriage. No wonder Cricket is religion in India. Courtesy:
India vs Pakistan 2015 World Cup match being telecast during a marriage. No wonder Cricket is religion in India. Courtesy:

Just like every other fan, I am a big cricket fanatic and having played the game at district level in my school, it has made me love the game much more. I’m not much of a stats-man, but more of commentator with a good cricket knowledge. If you tell gully, I will surely think of the fielder between point and 3rd slip. And for this, being connected to the game at all times is the need of the hour. How Much did England manage to score ? Joe Root and Ballance are in a great partnership now.. Well this is the current status of the first test match between England and Australia in the famous Ashes Series. And thanks to internet for keeping both of us connected at all times(me and cricket, What were you thinking ?)

Most of us now own smartphones and these definitely will have at least one cricket app. From live scores to live notifications, this surely keeps us updated with all the latest happenings of the game. And I’m no different, phone loaded with a cricket app that sends me live notifications about the matches along with a great widget on screen which tells me the score the moment I unlock the screen. Apart from this, if I get a time off, one can find me glued to the TV in the cafeteria of at a local paan galla watching an intense game of cricket. I remember the India vs Bangladesh World Cup 2011, opening game where Sehwag hit a blistering 175 – watched and celebrated with many strangers at a pan shop in Nehru Place, New Delhi.

But for all those, who think they can’t follow the game because they don’t have an app or don’t own a smartphone, think again guys ! There’s this amazing browser app called UCBrowserAvailable for free download on the any phone, be it a simple java phone or a sophisticated iPhone, they have the app for all platforms. The browser is fast indeed but you might be wondering why is this guy talking about browser between Cricket ? Well, this app has a dedicated Cricket zone – that has all the live matches and its fast ! Tap on a match and there you have the entire scorecard. Want to stream the match ? Look no further, the app even has that, it will stream the current game for you. And this surely is a real fast app so you are always connected with the game ! No matter what device you have, this app is a good one to have.

So that’s pretty much it, England is looking good with Joe Root batting amazingly well at 126*, and my favorite Roger Federer having qualified, need to get back to watching the Ashes now 😉

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