Honking and its impact, let’s stop it !

Honking - let's stop it. Image Courtesy: Rogerio Perez

For some of us driving can be very relaxing and an enjoyable affair. Be it the daily travel to work and back or be it a long drive, these guys are always ready for it.  Sometimes traffic can play a spoil sport, but sitting on the driving seat itself has its own feel. But there are some fools behind the wheel who tend to ruin your entire ride – yes you guessed it right, these are the people who are gifted to trouble you even without getting out of the driving seat, a simple honk is their weapon of deep impact and mass destruction.

I have stayed a couple of years in Delhi NCR and now in Hyderabad and seems like the situation is the same everywhere, unnecessary honking ! There are some people who just love to honk, I mean they have natural instinct of honking. The moment they step on the brakes, the horn goes off. Plus most of these guys have modified horns which are blaring and seriously cause a lot of disturbance. I’ve observed such behavior mostly by the cab guys, I often wonder how come the passenger inside the vehicle isn’t affected by this, cumon do you sit in a noise proof cabin ?

Excessive Honking and its impact. Image Courtesy: duabroad
Excessive Honking and its impact. Image Courtesy: duabroad

Another instance of honking is at the traffic signal – I bet many of you would agree with me on this. There are guys who are electric fast in the sense they honk the moment the signal goes green. I’m like does his vehicle have some internal wireless connection with the traffic signal ? It’s barely milliseconds since the signal turned green and there goes the horn. Also I feel at times the horns of these vehicles are somehow connected with the brakes of the guy driving in front of them, the moment he applies the brakes, this guys starts honking !

Incessant  Honking. Image Courtesy: motoroids
Incessant Honking. Image Courtesy: motoroids

The impact of this is bad, not only the noise pollution but driving isn’t safe any more because you don’t know from where the guy will come and honk. These guys feel that honking is their birth right and they shall have it. Or they think it’s kind of free item that comes with the car so honk as much as you want. These people must be fined for excessive honking, and must be penalized heavily. I also feel that the government too has a hand in this excessive honking case. I remember I was given a book before giving my driving test in Bangalore. Just like a sincere student,  I started to read it and at one place it was mentioned that you should horn to inform others of your presence on your road. I mean that is ridiculous ! All the vehicles have mirror and we know who’s around us, we need people to honk and let us know.

Some common sense and awareness is all that is required to educate these guys not to honk, else take off the horn ! If you support this, do try to spread the message in any way possible so as to stop this pollution and its impact.

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