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Band Baaja Baarat. Image Courtesy: bollywoodshaadis.com
Band Baaja Baarat. Image Courtesy: bollywoodshaadis.com

Navigating in a typical Indian wedding

Indians are known for their king sized celebrations. Be it a first birthday of a family member or a couple’s anniversary, Indians celebrate every occasion with great joy. Sometimes the celebrations are so large that they seem no less than a carnival or a festival. And one of most extravagant celebration has got to be a typical Indian Wedding. Some lucky ones have the Big Fat Wedding while many have the Small Slim Wedding. No matter what the scale of the wedding is, it’s a great treat for the foodies.

Band Baaja Baraat Wedding. Image Courtesy: Bollywoodshaadis.com
Band Baaja Baraat. Image Courtesy: Bollywoodshaadis.com

Assuming you are the ladkiwaale, you are waiting for the ladkewaale to come with the baraat .The typical Indian baraat has a speed of 100mts/hour so no baraat in the wedding history of India would have come before 11 pm even when everyone was invited at 7. While everyone is waiting for the baraat, a true foodie navigates though the crowd and reaches for the food stalls. Honestly, like most the of weddings, the food on offer is a couple of Indo-Chinese Starters, 3-4 vegetarian and non vegetarian curries in orange gravy. And as for rice they have a pulao and a biryani dopelhanger alongside some desserts.

Food at wedding ! Image Courtesy: anupamcaterers.com
Food ! Image Courtesy: anupamcaterers.com

Once the rituals and the formalities are over, its munching time. And the way people rush to the food counters is no less than the start line of a marathon. Getting a plate is one of the toughest and the most important part. One should have the skill required to navigate through the crowd. It’s easy for the seasoned and experienced foodies.And once you have it, it’s show time !

There are some who are there to enjoy the experience while other are wedding critics – you always have a foofa or foofi who are there to point out the faults in the wedding rituals and of course the food. And such people gang up in front of food counter and get into an argument with the server, it takes an immense effort to navigate through this crowd and reach the food. And if there’s a chat / gol gappa counter, then it’s like Mahabharat. This guy is the busiest of all. He is surrounded by a sea of people and getting through this line of defense is a navigational skill that very few posses. Distraction some by striking a conversation is one of the best, tried and tested way of navigating through a wedding.

Hmmm.... Image Courtesy: fireflydaily.com Wedding
Hmmm…. Image Courtesy: fireflydaily.com

Not only the food, but even getting yourself to the mandap is an uphill task. Either you don’t leave the mandap before the rituals start or forget about getting to it. And the same stands true for reaching the stage to get clicked with the couple. No matter how good you are at it, navigating through a typical crowd in an Indian wedding is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So if you have recently attended a wedding and had a hard time navigating through the crowd, but finally managed to, let us know the secrets too 😛

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