Novak ‘Fantastico’ Djokovic

Novak Fantastico Djokovic Image Courtesy: Youtube

Novak ‘Fantastico’ Djokovic nicknamed Djoker is regarded as the most humorous player off court but on the court he’s invincible. He may be a great impersonator of famous tennis players like Nadal and Sharapova off court, but he’s brutal on the court, no matter which surface it is. Powerful forehands, magnificent cross court back hands and a deadly drop shot, he has got everything in his armory to demolish the opponent. Even though I’m a big Federer fan, must say Djokovic has been performing consistently in the last few years. And he’s showed that again today, he beat Britain’s Andy Murray in straight sets 6-1,7-5,7-6 to win his 6th Australian Open Singles title.

Djokovic vs Murray Australian Open 2016
Djokovic vs Murray Australian Open 2016

En route to the finals, Djokovic defeated the legend of Tennis – Roger Federer in the semis to setup a match with Andy Murray. Today’s match clashed with the India Australia t20 match and I had no option but to keep switching between the two. So in the end I enjoyed both the games 😉

T20 or Australian Open 2016 ? Let's watch both !
T20 or Australian Open 2016 ? Let’s watch both !

Djokovic as always looked determined to win the match today while Murray had an uphill task to stop the Djo-Storm. The match didn’t start in a way Murray would have though, he went on to lose the first set 1-6, not at all close to his standards. But Murray came back in the second set, which I feel was the best set of the match.  Lots of rallies, amazing aces and deuces, lots of them. Murray match Djokovic shot to shot in the entire set and played some brilliant shots that troubled the Serb. The penultimate game of the second set was thrilling as there were long rallies and lots of deuces, but in the end it was the Serb who won the second set. Increased number of unforced error stopped Murray from pulling it back.

The next set was grueling one as Murray went out all guns blazing to save this match. Both the player exhibited some fine tennis when they were a part of a 36 shot rally with some greats shots which eventually Djokovic won. Murray served up some magnificent Aces to get some points, but once again few unforced errors costed him the championship. It was the tie breaker that decided the fate of the match. Fantastico Djokovic was leading 6-1 had a handful of championship points, even though Murray tried best to pull back, but it was the Champion who had the last laugh.

Novak Fantastico Djokovic Image Courtesy: Youtube
Novak Fantastico Djokovic Image Courtesy: Youtube

Djokovic is one of the finest players on the  court. He’s a part of the big four names in open era tennis – Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray being the other three. Djokovic has been phenomenal in the recent years and will definitely continue it, however would love to see Federer beat him one day 😉

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