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Enjoy Gaming with your friends.
Enjoy Gaming with your friends.

India Online Poker Championship – Skills meet Moolah #SkillSeKarKill

India is not only a land of rich culture and heritage but Indians have contributed a lot to the world we live in today. Be it the invention of the digit 0 which makes a world of difference. Or the introduction of Chaturanga way back in 600 AD. Chaturanga has been a very popular game not only in India but the world. Introduced during the Gupta Empire, the game travelled across the continents. Even then the essence of the game stayed, only the name changed. From being known as Chaturanga, it was later known as Chatrang in Persian and Chess in English. Not only giving this skill based game to the world, India has given some of the finest chess grand-masters too.

Along with Chess, Indians have introduced other skill based games like Teen Patti too. Teen Patti is the desi form of Poker that originated in the Indian subcontinent and is widely popular across the globe. There are competitions held for such skill based games and if you are from India who loves to play Poker, the India Online Poker Championship by The Spartan Poker is where you can test your skills and win big.

Enjoy Gaming with your friends.
Enjoy Gaming with your friends.

Poker = Gambling ? Not exactly.

For many people in India, playing cards might refer to gambling. Whether it’s a normal game of Teen Patti or Rummy. Many people often relate cards to money, gambling and betting. Being a land of rich culture and traditional values, a good section of the Indian population feel Poker is gambling. Well, if that would have been the case, India wouldn’t have been topping the list for most downloads of Teen Patti which is a desi version of Poker. Poker is a family of card games that combines strategy and skill. And why do I say Poker is a skill based game ? Well consider the following points and I’ll leave it upto you take a call:

  • Position is the key – Sitting at a particular position can do wonders in the game of Poker. Often sitting at the last will tell you what others have and will ensure you can place your bet/cards accurately.
  • Math – Odds, probability is the key – Even if you have basic understanding of these simple Math concepts, you can be a step ahead in the game. With this understanding you can predict the odds of hitting certain hands.

India Online Poker Championship – Skills meet Moolah

The India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) is a yearly tournament held by TheSpartanPoker.com. It’s the destination to be where you want your skills to be tested and get rewarded. The #SkillSeKarKill IOPC this year is bigger and better with more than 50 events running over a span of 10 days with prizes of more than INR 7 Crores ! Not only the moolah but the India Online Poker Championship has increased the guaranteed amount for all the feature tournaments and a leader-board of more than INR 30 Lakhs. Not only that, the topper gets his hands on a swanky Jeep Compass SUV, a Bajaj Dominar for the runner up is up for grabs too. If you want to win big and put your skills to test, these are the following events you should look out for:

  • The Millionaire (1 CR GTD) – 15th July, 4:30 PM
  • Super High Roller (50 Lakhs GTD) – 19th July, 9 PM
  • The Elite High Roller (40 Lakhs GTD) – 20th July, 7:30 PM
  • PLO High Roller (20 Lakhs GTD) – 21st July, 9 PM
  • Main Event (1 CR GTD) – 22nd July, 4:30 PM
Indian Online Poker Championship Leaderboard. Courtesy: TheSpartanPoker
India Online Poker Championship Leader-board. Courtesy: TheSpartanPoker

The Spartan Poker Online

India Biggest Online Tournaments series – IOPC happens on The Spartan Poker online which is one of the leading Online Poker sites in India. With its India-Centric offering, it has become a popular hot-spot for Poker players. The website is all about bringing sophistication and quality of a world class online gaming experience to gaming enthusiasts in India. They have a handful of poker game offerings along side the coveted India Online Poker Championship.

The Random Number Generator – essential for any poker game – used by The Spartan Poker is certified by Gaming Labs. The previous edition of IOPC saw participation of over 16,000 players. And with the rising awareness of poker in India there will be many more this year. So what are you waiting for, if you think you can ace at Poker, participate in the India Online Poker Championship – where Skills meet Moolah.

Table Manners. Courtesy: TheSpartanPoker
Table Manners. Courtesy: TheSpartanPoker

Illegal gambling shouldn’t be encouraged. However, gaming is an experience for people to showcase their play which is driven by skill and chance (sometimes) Poker is a skill based game that involves money and should be played responsibly. If you know how to use the correct strategies, winning or losing is in your hands.

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  1. Poker is an interesting and fun game, and these leagues also fetch you some awesome prizes. But yes, as always this one also should be taken in right spirits instead of ‘high’ spirits. Thank you for sharing a little trivia about it Atul, I had no clue about its origin.

  2. interesting information about gaming thanks to sharing

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