The mesmerizing – OLX Aadhe Tere Aadhe Mere advertisement

Olx Aadhe Tere Aadhe Mere Advertisement.

There have been many advertisements that have changed the way adverts are made. Be it the famous super amazing advert by Google showing the reunion of two friends or the touching advert by SBI Life Insurance where an old husband gifts a diamond to her wife, advertisements have come a long way. Advertisements today are made with an intention of delivering a message and not just about selling the product. And one such campaign has been taken up by OLX – The Indian classified portal. If you remember last time around OLX depicted the story of Bashir, a shopkeeper in Kashmir, who used OLX to upgrade his mobile phone and help his friend Rajesh see his new-born daughter’s picture for the first time. And this time around it is OLX’s latest advert “Aadhe Tere, Aadhe Mere…” which has struck the right chord. OLX Aadhe Tere Aadhe Mere advertisement has touched million hearts since it has been released.

The latest OLX Aadhe Tere Aadhe Mere advert revolves around a newly married couple Nitin and Neetu, a working couple. Nitin promises that he would pick Neetu up after office but is caught up with some work and asks Neetu to take a taxi. Upon reaching home, Neetu tells Nitin that she was more independent before marriage. Nitin is moved and realized that she has to go through a lot because of his busy work schedule. He then decides to sell his car on the portal and buy 2 cars so that Neetu could live her life, her way.

The advert has definitely connected with the audience very well since it depicts  quite a realistic scenario. Apart from the direction, the background score of the advertisement is touching. The song is sung by the sensational Sona Mohapatra who has done full justice to the song which has become an instant hit. The subtle music with some great lyrics along with the story has made it a hit.

The lyrics of the OLX Aadhe Tere Aadhe Mere advertisement go like this…

Hisson ki lori mein kuch kisse jode,
Aadhe Tere Aadhe Mere…

Sayapan sa chal tu mere…

Akhiyon mein humnein jo sapne sajaaye,
Aadhe Tere Aadhe Mere…

And I know many of us (including me) are in love with the song and are hooked to it. And I’m quite sure that most of you are trying to get hold of the song. So to reduce your time spent in googling the song, please find the link to download the song here.

This advert was pretty amazing, the story plus the soulful voice of Sona has made it even more touching. Let’s hope we have some more great ads coming our way.

Remember the Vodafone Trip advertisement  ? Yes, the one with I guess my life’s an open book… read the lyrics here.

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  1. This goes to prove that married men take their Wife’s car and commute to office after marriage…….or Is it . lemmi Explain

    So she was independent before marriage as far as traveling was concerned . Hence it goes to prove she owned some sort of a vehicle . It cant be a 2 wheeler cos she would have retained it or given her job could still afford it . But she didnt hence the car . Now where is that car . Did she sell it to help with marriage costs ..I dont think so . So she must have saved it to pool in some more money and get a new one given the road tax etc etc if she transports her new car to the new location ( Assuming she has moved ) else the existing car remains. But she still doesn’t buy a car hence that theory is refuted too .

    Hence the only explanation – The Husband snatched the keys right after marriage and has been making excuses while not giving it back till olx came to the rescue

    OR IS IT

    Well if you look at the 2nd ad where she advises him to buy a new phone and dispose of the 2g phone on olx means she cant afford to buy a new phone for him either hence her in hand salary is < 10000 and hence she was broke since the beginning and is just lucky to have a husband who would sell his car so that she can drive one for the first time in her life .

    The popularity of this add shows that emotions trump logic anyday . Please feel free to blow holes in my logic ..only logic


    Anu errrr .. Adarsh

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