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March 15, 2007, was the day when I pledged to contribute to the internet. As a part of a vocational course at school, we were supposed to develop a website and host it. One of my teachers said one thing that struck me “We take a lot of things from the internet, but what do we give back ?” That struck me and led to the start of my online journey. Hi, my name is Atulpriya Sharma alias Atulmaharaj, and welcome to Socialmaharaj.com

Atulmaharaj in early years

Back in 7th grade, I developed websites in plain HTML. Being interested in cooking, my first website was about vegetarian recipes (I’m a vegetarian) – Atulmaharaj.com. The website was the first asset I owned on the internet and is alive even today – it is currently a placeholder for my Freelance Content Writing experience.. Over the years, my interests kept changing but it was clear that I need to give back to the internet. I’ve been fortunate to have been blessed with amazing teachers all the time.

How you doin? 😉

Met one such professor at Amity University who taught us Communication Skills. He had a different method of teaching and took technology very seriously. He gave us assignments to publish YouTube videos, create LinkedIn profiles, and so on. One exercise that he started was creating a class blog as I was made the admin of the class blog. All of us posted content on the blog and were marked on it.

That’s when I realized, that if a class can have a blog, why not me? December 16, 2012, I hopped on to the Blogosphere. Here’s my first blog postit was literally nothing. It started with the free WordPress.com blog: atulmaharaj.wordpress.com (inaccessible now) but later on, I realized the importance of a domain name and got this one in 2015.

What to find on Socialmaharaj?

Fast forward to now, it’s been 13 years since I’ve been on the Internet sharing content and there’s no stopping at all. I have a full-time job where I code, but Blogging is something that gives me the freedom to express, contribute and connect. I’m an avid traveller and a big-time foodie. I enjoy driving and have done a lot of road trips from Hyderabad in my Tata Punch.

International Trips

Until 2023, I hadn’t travelled to any foreign destination. However, my work changed that. In November 2023, I took my first international trip to the US to attend KubeCon in Chicago. I extended that work trip by a week to explore New York. On that same trip, I also visit Dubai for a day and explore as much as I could during the stay.

  • New York Skyline from Liberty Island
  • Instagam-Spot At Dumbo
  • Manhattan From Brooklyn Bridge
  • The Ramble - my favourite spot.
  • New York City Museum
  • Beautiful views from my room at Residence Inn Queens
  • Streets of New York
  • Chicago Bean, Millennium Park
  • Oleato Cold Brew and Margarita
  • Super Veggie Deep Dish Pizza At Giordano's
  • Field Museum Chicago
  • Edge Skydeck Chicago
  • Shoreline Cruise in Chicago

More recently, in March 2024, my work took me on another international trip, this time to a country that was on my bucket list since childhood – France. I was attending and speaking at KubeCon Paris. I spent about a week in Paris, mostly working, but I did spend a weekend exploring the city of love. (Didn’t find my love yet) And I also extended this trip by a week to visit Switzerland and Italy visiting Lucern, Zurich, Chur and Rome. I also did a pit stop in Doha with an extended layover. I’m still writing those blog posts

  • KubeCon Paris 2024
  • My First Europe Trip - Sneak Peek
  • Exploring Paris, France after KubeCon
  • Explore Rome - Ancient Buildings & Italian Food
  • Breathtaking Switzerland - seeing snow for the first time!
  • Doha in half a day.

Lastly, I’ve also visited Kartarpur in Pakistan which was an experience in itself. I’ve explored quite a few places and am always on the lookout to explore more. One of my favourite trips includes my solo trip from Kochi to Munnar where I drove a scooter for over 600 kms! Read all my travel posts here.

Welcome to Pakistan - Visiting Kartarpur Sahib
Welcome to Pakistan – Visiting Kartarpur Sahib

Apart from Travel, you’ll find a lot of posts on Food. From restaurant reviews to sharing my thoughts on food, there’s a lot of food here. I’m in fact one of the Top Food Bloggers in HyderabadBlogger With A Blog. If there’s vegetarian food I’m there, whether it’s a street-side shop or a fine dining restaurant, I love to experience everything. A big fan of Dal Makhni, I love desi food but don’t shy away from trying any type of cuisine as long as it is vegetarian. I’m a teetotaler and vegetarian by choice, a pretty rare combination right? Check out all my restaurant reviews here.

Iron Hill Cafe Review - Food Served
Iron Hill Cafe Review – Food Served

Being an engineer I’m always in touch with technology. From software trends to hardware trends, I try to keep up to date with all of them. New smartphones, laptops, are what I love to review. Even if I’m not buying any product, I visit a store to experience a product. So for Technology, you’ll find a lot of posts about product reviews of everything that I’ve purchased along with reviews of services that I use. Further, since I’ve been blogging for such a long time, there will be a lot of articles on blogging to help every new blogger out there.

Beautiful Tata Nexon at Idukki.
Beautiful Tata Nexon at Idukki.

Bragging Rights & Facts About Atulmaharaj

This has to be here, doesn’t it? Over the years, I’ve accomplished a lot of things, thanks to the blog. It has given me an opportunity to meet some amazing people who create amazing content. I’ve quite a good web presence and have carried out a lot of campaigns in the past. Here I’ll list all the achievements to date:

Personal achievements of Atulmaharaj

  • I’m a Polyglot, I know Hindi, Gujarati, English, French, Marathi, and Telugu
  • I’ve played professional cricket in school at the District level, have captained the team
  • I was also the Head Boy at New Era High School Panchgani
  • Was part of the blockbuster movie, Taare Zameen Par. You can find me in the movie too. Worked alongside Aamir Khan and he has appreciated my efforts on his blog. (Blog doesn’t work anymore, view the screenshot and my experience of working with Aamir here.)
  • I have featured on Bournvita Quiz Contest (One of the popular Children Quiz Show) back in 2005 which was shown on Sony TV.
Jab Atulmaharaj met Aamir Khan !
Jab Atulmaharaj met Aamir Khan !

Blogging Accolades of Atulmaharaj / Socialmaharaj

  • Won the Best Blogger in Telangana Award by IndiBlogger in 2017
  • Interviewed by The New Sunday Express Magazine on Influencer Marketing and it’s future – link.
  • Worked with brands like Tata Motors, Royal Enfield, Ford Motors, Yamaha, PayPal, Marriott, ICICI Prudential Life to name a few.
  • Invited to speak on Solo Travel at Times of India Travel & Deals Expo in Hyderabadlink.
  • Invited on a Blogger’s Panel at the Sarath City Mall Lit Fest
  • Quoted in the Deccan Chronicle post the Blogger’s Panel – link & link.
  • Conducted a session on Social Media and Blogging at Administrative Staff College of India for Government officials – link
  • Conducted a session for professionals at IMPA Hyderabad on Blogging Tips and Tricks – link
  • Conducted several Blogging and SEO related live discussions/chats on Facebook and Twitter
About Atulmaharaj
Atulmaharaj featured in The Sunday Express Magazine
Socialmaharaj Brand Collaborations
Some of Socialmaharaj’s Brand Collaborations.

That’s about Atulmaharaj a.k.a me. The journey has been amazing and I’m blessed to have made great friends online. If you are interested to work with me, please get in touch via the Contact Us form. I’ll try to respond within 24 hours. You can connect with me for:

  • Technical help related to blogging
  • Consulting on content marketing and web presence
  • Conducting workshop and sessions on Digital Marketing
  • Blogging and Social Media Marketing workshop for corporate and colleges.
  • I am also a Freelance Content Writer for hire

Till then tweet me at @Atulmaharaj or DM me on Instagram. Cheers, have a great day!


  1. I have read your blogs earlier but today I read your bio and you are quite a celebrity. Congratulations on achieving so much and keep inspiring like you always do. I too am a programmer and I too like to blog, hence I am taking massive inspiration from you.

    • Thanks so much for those kind words. I’ve loved your technical posts too, some of them even I wasn’t aware of. Keep up the amazing work! And thanks again for dropping by 🙂

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