Socialmaharaj – the Blog’s new Address !

Thanks for showing you unconditional love and support all this while, I’m sure you will love the new interface !

It has been an amazing journey of 3 years since I wrote my first post on this blog. I never thought that I would have continued writing for this long, but thanks to the overwhelming response that I received from all of you. Your amazing responses to my posts and my love for typing ensured that I kept going. Till now the blog had been in the experienced hands of WordPress who have been instrumental in keeping the blog at its best at all times.

Social Maharaj – Technology, Travel, Food et al

So what does this mean to you ? Well absolutely nothing, all the links that you have bookmarked will still be live so you can read it whenever you want. You will seamless be taken to the new address while the old address (current) one will still be fully functional.

And why is the blog being moved ? The foremost reason for moving the blog was to gain greater control on various aspects of the site and learn about the actual functioning of the blog. The new site will be optimized to serve you pages at faster speeds. And for the geeks, this blog isn’t being moved, just redirecting it (y)

Work is going on in full swing for the past few weeks in getting Socialmaharaj up and ready. Have tried to plug all the loop holes that I could, but even then if you do find something fishy, please do let me know, even the smallest of things can make a huge impact on your browsing experience.

About Atulmaharaj

A seasoned blogger and a content marketer for close to a decade now. I write about Food, Technology, Lifestyle, Travel, and Finance related posts. Blogging brings me joy and the best part is I get to read and e-meet so many amazing bloggers! PS: I'm also the founder for :) Favorite Quote: "Traveling is like reading a book, one who hasn't traveled, hasn't turned a page.

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