5 Benefits of Blogging - My Experience as a Blogger
5 Benefits of Blogging - My Experience as a Blogger

5 Benefits of Blogging – My Experience as a Blogger

We always take things from the internet for free, but what have we given back?” These were the lines that prompted me to start my content creation journey in 2007. It started off with me sharing vegetarian recipes, but slowly evolved into blogging. I have been blogging for close to a decade now and the benefits of blogging that I’ve seen are immense. (I’m not talking about the monetary benefits, because that’s secondary) Being a Computer Science graduate, I do have an edge over other bloggers at times because I understand the whole system a little better. And that allows me to help other bloggers with their technical queries.

In this blog post, I’m going to sharing 5 Benefits of Blogging that will help you grow. If you are of the thought that blogging is just about writing, be ready to change that! Also, if blogging for you means having an Instagram account, I urge you to read my post on Instagrammers vs Bloggers that will help you clear the confusion. So, let’s get into the benefits of blogging that I’ve experienced over the years.

5 Benefits of Blogging - My Experience as a Blogger
5 Benefits of Blogging – My Experience as a Blogger

Benefits of Blogging – My Experience

Becoming a Better Writer

The first one has to be about writing. Many people think that you need to be a Shakespeare to start a blog. No! In fact, go and read my first blog post to see what I wrote. I bet you can see the difference between how I started to how I’m writing now. With every blog post you write, you improve your writing skills. Be it framing of sentences, setting the context or just building vocabulary, you grow as a writer. And this benefit of blogging also shows in all the other communications that you do. Be it your work emails, social media posts or anything in general.

Blogging Image Courtesy: ronen ijansempoi
Blogging Image Courtesy: ronen ijansempoi

Content Strategy

I’ve repeatedly mentioned that one of the worst nightmares for content creators is running out of ideas. That’s one of the reasons, I developed CueTweet to help writers and bloggers with cues to get off writer’s block. One of the benefits of blogging is that you are able to plan your content well. When you are serious about blogging, you learn the art of content strategy.

CueTweet for Twitter - My New Android App for Writers & Bloggers
CueTweet for Twitter – My New Android App for Writers & Bloggers

Social Media Marketing

One thing that most people ignore when they talk blogging is social media marketing. People think that a blogger’s job is done when the article has been written. In reality, though, it’s only half done. Once the blog post is read and published, you need to tell the world about it. And what better tool than Social Media for it. Be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, bloggers push out their content on these platforms.

Peek into Blogger's mind
Peek into Blogger’s mind

And the worst part is creating the creatives for the social media posts. Each platform functions completely different from the other. So a blogger needs to understand the platform and create posts that suit a particular platform. Lastly, sharing them on social media and engaging with them so that more and more people see them. While most agencies use automated ways to do it, individual bloggers do spend considerable time doing this. So the next time you see a post on social media, please show your support by clicking that like button or sharing it further. It helps!


The biggest benefits of blogging for me has been networking. Blogging has allowed me to reach people across the globe. From that skyline of New York to our neighbouring country Pakistan, I have connected with some amazing content creators and bloggers. In fact, many a time when I visit a new city in India, I ensure to tweet about it and check if there is anyone in my circle who’d be up for a meetup. That way, I’ve met so many amazing people who create equally amazing content. So if you want to grow your network, this is it. Start blogging.

Best Food Photos from #VirtualFoodiesMeetup - We were trending on Twitter !
Best Food Photos from #VirtualFoodiesMeetup – We were trending on Twitter !

Personal Branding

Lastly, when you blog or create content in general, you are slowly and steadily building your personal brand. You are in a way becoming a credible source of information for your field. People start reaching out to you for suggestions, help and even interviews. When you share content through your blog, you are creating an authority or yourself. In my case, it’s Food and Technology. If you talk about vegetarian food in Hyderabad, Atulmaharaj is the person to ask for recommendations. And over time, it grows into a brand.


Started Blogging yet?

I don’t know if you already have a blog or not. But I hope you found this post on the benefits of blogging insightful. I’ve been blogging for close to a decade and I can vouch for everything I’ve written about the benefits of blogging. If you have not started blogging, or contemplating starting one, there’s no better time than NOW! There’s a beautiful community out there waiting for you to join the blogosphere and share amazing content. If you are already blogging, I’d love to read. Tag me on Twitter – @Atulmaharaj or Instagram – @Atulmaharaj.

If you have any questions, mention in the comments below or Get In Touch.

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  1. That’s insightful.

    I am a blogger too 🙂

  2. I have definitely made good friends and am sure would Network more as I get more regular at blogging.. maybe the downside of blogging only about RoadtripinIndia and you don’t get to during this pandemic situation. I did however start journaling as a hobby writing my thoughts end of the day for my eyes… Happy moments, stressful or anything that I am going through..
    Thanks for sharing about CUETweet, hopeful it would come to iOS one day

  3. Bang on with points 1 and 2…I told the exact same thing when my daughter started a blog…she will become a better writer and it seems to be working already! 🙂

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