CueTweet for Twitter - My New Android App for Writers & Bloggers
CueTweet for Twitter - My New Android App for Writers & Bloggers

CueTweet – My New Android App For Writers & Bloggers

It was a rainy evening in Hyderabad a couple of weeks ago. I just finished a work call and joined my dad who had just come from work. Sipping a hot cup of chai along with some samosa, we talked a lot of different things. One thing that we did end up talking about was writing and blogging. He does write occasionally however I’m the pro between us. We talked everything about writing including creative writing, copywriting, and even writer’s block. One question was how do we write consistently? How do you find things to write about?

A couple of weeks later and after some sleepless nights, I’m happy to announce my new Android App CueTweet – Cue To Keep You Going. Coincidentally, it is also International Bloggers Day, and what better day than launching CueTweet an app for writers, bloggers. Consider this as my small contribution to the Writing, Blogging community. This app (I feel) is going to be quite handy for Bloggers and Writers to help them be more creative and consistent.

What is CueTweet?

When we talk about doing anything creative, we do understand that it is a complex process. Coming up with fresh & unique content consistently is tough. I do hit such patches a lot of time (even more during the lockdown) and the thing that gets me back on track is photos.

Digging into my stash of old photos of my various experience gives me the cue that helps we come up with interesting and insightful content. Images have always been my thing to get back on track. While I do know that these cues/prompts vary from person to person. Some find ideas while on a walk, listening to music, talking to people, etc., but image prompts are quite common.

CueTweet for Twitter - My New Android App for Writers & Bloggers
CueTweet for Twitter – My New Android App for Writers & Bloggers

And that’s the idea behind CueTweet. An Android App that gives you image cues that are bound to get your brain working. All you need to do is use, login with Twitter, view the image, let your thoughts flow, and share it with the world!

What makes CueTweet unique?

CueTweet is a simple Android app whose main purpose is to give visual cues. I had super fun developing the app. Also, there were a lot of things going on in my mind and this was a great way to channelize that energy. I don’t know if there is any other app like this (If there is, please let me know). However, my thought here is that if there is something that helps me, I’m sure there would be at least a handful of folks who would find it useful too. Similar was the case with my first Android App – Mileage Calculator which boasts of over 20,000 DAU and has more than 1.6Mn downloads!

Okay, so what makes CueTweet unique? It brings millions of photos to your smartphone. You don’t need to search for photos or download them. Every time you launch the app, you get a new random image. If that doesn’t help, you can tap on the image to get a new one. And just like that, you can get millions of photos! Look at the image, wear your writer’s hat, and let your thoughts flow!

Here’s a video about CueTweet to help you understand what it is.

Further, CueTweet (as the name suggests) is only for Twitter users right now. I know a lot of people who don’t understand how Twitter works. And all I tell them is to spend time on Twitter. With CueTweet, you will be consistent on Twitter. In fact, during my testing (Many of you would have noticed me posting tweets with the #CueTweet hashtag) I saw that the posts I shared using CueTweet got a lot of engagement compared to others. So yes, if you are looking to get consistent with Twitter, give this a shot. Read more about CueTweet.

CueTweet - My New Android App For Writers & Bloggers

Download CueTweet and let me know your thoughts

Like I mentioned before, CueTweet is an app that I’ve designed keeping in mind the writing community. There are thousands of amazing writers out there and many more waiting to become a part. I feel that by using CueTweet, you will not only improve their creative writing skills and build consistency on Twitter, but you will also be able to share thoughts almost instantly.

Personally, I thought this would be a helpful app. Moreover, I had fun developing the app as I learned quite a few things. (About which I’ll talk in some other blog post) Being the person that I am who doesn’t stick to one thing for a long time, I developed this app in just over two weeks. Would like to thank Chinmayee Ji & Muskan who helped with some initial testing of the app.

So go ahead and download CueTweet on your smartphone. If you have time, a rating/review on the play store would help too 🙂 Do share your thoughts in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM me on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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  1. Atul, firstly congratulations for the new app.
    Images do give us million of thoughts to pour out. This is will be very helpful to all writers too.

  2. This was indeed an amazing read. So , now I know where it comes from ! My vote goes to Uncle 😀.

    It’s a great achievement Atulji. Congratulations for this brilliant idea and I wish this app crosses million downloads too.

    I loved it personally and would recommend any creative writer to try it. As the demand has already started, I am sure you will make its availability more wider in scope.

    I am really honoured for the mention and here’s wishing you all the success in future.

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