Atulmaharaj – Hyderabad Food Blogger #MaharajEats

What comes to your mind when you hear Hyderabad? Biryani would be the first thing that would come to your mind. But is Hyderabad only about Hyderabad Biryani? Well as a Hyderabad Food Blogger, and being in Hyderabad for 6 years now, I can say that there’s so much more to Hyderabad than just biryani. Nalli Nihari, Paya, Pattharka Gosht, Haleem are some of the famed dishes in Hyderabad.

Not only these, but the locals also love their tiffins – staple food dishes – which include idli, dosa, punnugulu et all. And all these with a shot of Irani Chai with Osmania Biscuit in front of Charminar is above all. And to bring all these delicacies to your screens, Hyderabad Food Bloggers are doing everything they can. Here’s talking about Atulmaharaj – The Best Hyderabad Food Blogger #MaharajEats

Atulmaharaj Food Blogger
Atulmaharaj – Food Blogger With A Blog

Who is a Food Blogger?

A food blogger is someone who writes about food on their blog or other blogs/websites. There are only a handful of food bloggers in Hyderabad, me being one of them. There are many who just have Instagram profiles who call themselves food bloggers. They are food influencers for sure and are pretty good. But food bloggers, no. In case you want to know the difference between Instagrammer and Blogger, read this and this.

Atulmaharaj Hyderabad Food Blogger
Atulmaharaj – Hyderabad Food Blogger

Vegetarian & Teetotaler – The Niche Nobody Caters To

Hyderabad is a meat lover’s heaven. Those luscious slabs of meat simmering in delicious gravy, or the mutton haleem loaded with ghee & dry fruits are loved by one and all. But what about vegetarians? What’s there for vegetarians in Hyderabad? I, Atulmaharaj have got you covered. Being a top-rated vegetarian Hyderabad Food Blogger, I found it tough initially to find good vegetarian food in Hyderabad. Over the years, I’ve explored places – street food vendors to luxury fine dining restaurants – that cook up some really good vegetarian food.

Being a vegetarian Hyderabad Food Blogger isn’t easy. Especially with Vegetarian Food in Hyderabad. but I’m glad that I’m able to bring some amazing dishes to you from my blog Socialmaharaj. I visit all types of restaurants but eat & review only vegetarian food. Be it a roadside bandi, a casual restaurant or a luxury/fine dining restaurant, I try them all! With Atulmaharaj you are sure to find vegetarian food in Hyderabad.

Iron Hill Cafe Review - Food Served
Iron Hill Cafe Review – Food Served
Aha! Rayalaseema Food spread
Aha! Rayalaseema Food spread

Restaurant Reviews by Atulmaharaj

Being a blogger (and not Instagrammer) I’m passionate not only about this blog but also about the food I eat and the experience I have. Free food in exchange for a star rating isn’t my cup of tea. And that is quite evident from the restaurant reviews that I’ve done over the years. I’m a well known Food Blogger in Hyderabad and a common name among the food blogger, influencer fraternity.

With over 1000+ blog posts and close to 200 blog posts on Food. Socialmaharaj ranks pretty well on Search Engines and you can check for yourself. If there’s a restaurant I’ve visited, I will have a blog post about it that you’ll mostly find in the searches. That’s what I as one of the finest Hyderabad Food Bloggers bring to the table.

Starters & Drinks at 36 DownTown
Starters & Drinks at 36 DownTown

Below are some of my most viewed Restaurant Review posts:

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Atulmaharaj Hyderabad Food Blogger #MaharajEats

I’ve visited over 150 restaurants and reviewed over 100+ restaurants on the blog. Atulmaharaj is the Best Vegetarian Hyderabad Blogger because:

  • Top Ranked Food Blog in Hyderabad
  • Awarded the Best Blogger in Telangana Award in 2017 by Indiblogger
  • Top 40 Lifestyle Bloggers in India by Feedspot
  • Top 10 Twitter Food Influencers by Talkwalker

I write about restaurants – honest reviews – and share them with the 10,000 combined reach I have on the internet – Twitter, Instagram, Zomato & Facebook. I’m a Zomato Level 13 Foodie and for many, I’m a go-to person for any dining related queries. So what do you think? Want to collaborate with me? Drop me an email and I would be more than happy to help you out 🙂

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