Coffee - the Life Saving Potion. Image Courtesy: Jan Sundstedt
Coffee - the Life Saving Potion. Image Courtesy: Jan Sundstedt

6 Amazing Must-Visit Cafes in Hyderabad

As much as Hyderabadis love Biryani and Haleem, they also love their Irani Chai and Coffee. A hot cup of Irani chai with an Osmania Biscuit or Chand Biscuit is all that is needed to kickstart the day. While Chai is a love affair for Hyderabadis, Coffee isn’t far behind. Over the last few years, I’ve seen a lot of cafes in Hyderabad which are worth a visit. Whether you want to go on a Coffee date or just hang out with friends over a good cup of coffee and delicious food, here are some of the must-visit cafes in Hyderabad.

My favourite Cafes in Hyderabad

Roastery Coffee House

While there are a lot of best places to have Biryani in Hyderabad, my favorite for the best vegetarian Biryani in Hyderabad is Bawarchi RTC X roads. Similarly, if you want to have a wonderfully brewed coffee along with delicious food and superb ambiance, Roastery Coffee House is the place. One of the finest, most visited cafes in Hyderabad. Located in Banjara Hills, this is a perfect place to spend time with your loved ones and friends. On any given typical evening, you might even have to wait! The Cheese Balls, Onion Rings, Pasta, and their Brownie Blend are worth a try. Read more about Roastery Coffee House

House turned into a cafe - The Roastery Coffee House
House turned into a cafe – The Roastery Coffee House

Aura Cafe

Located in the busy area of Banjara Hills is Aura Cafe. The cafe has a store also where you can find some exotic items. In terms of size, Aura Cafe isn’t amongst the largest, but when it comes to coffee and food, they are pretty good. I’ve been here a couple of times and always enjoyed their food. Mozarella Cigars, Hummus, and Pita Bread along with their Cappuccino are worth a try for vegetarians. They also have a small outside seating area that can accommodate a few people. If you are at Aura Cafe in the morning, don’t miss out on their breakfast combos.

Food at Aura Cafe Jubilee Hills Review
Food at Aura Cafe Jubilee Hills

Heart Cup Coffee

Other must-visit cafes in Hyderabad include Heart Cup Coffee. They have multiple branches in the city – Begumpet, Gachibowli, and Kondapur. If I were to pick one, I’d pick the Gachibowli one. This is by far the most spacious cafe in Hyderabad. They do have a bar counter that serves some great drinks, their coffee isn’t far behind. I’m a fan of Cold Coffee and I liked the Hazelnut Coffee here. Apart from that, their Honey glazed lotus stem, Mushroom Pizza and Paneer Sandwich are worth a try. Read about Heart Cup Coffee Gachibowli and Heart Cup Coffee Begumpet.

Heart Cup Coffee Gachibowli - The venue for Hyderabad Food Insta Meet 3.0
Heart Cup Coffee Gachibowli – The venue

Teal Room Cafe

One of the recent entrants to the list of must-visit cafes in Hyderabad is the Teal Room Cafe. As the name suggests, the Teal Room Cafe with its teal-colored walls and nicely done interiors is a calm place. Not a very big place but the food and coffee will make you come back again. The Filo Cups are one of the best I’ve had here. They also boast about their in-house Tex-Mex burgers which are spot on too. In terms of beverages, the brownie Cold Coffee and the Watermelon Mojito are spot on. Read more about Teal Room Cafe.

Gratifying Food at Teal Room Cafe
Gratifying Food at Teal Room Cafe

Ironhill Cafe

If you want to feel the Santorini Vibes in Hyderabad, you must visit Ironhill cafe in Jubilee Hills. The is from the same Ironhill Brewery group. They too have multiple outlets and all of them are quite spacious. They have a huge variety of Coffee on offer and have a separate menu just for it! I’ve had their Iced Americano, Ironhill Special Cold Brew, and their Oreo Cookie Frappe. You must try their iced coffee if you are a true coffee lover. Their breakfast combos are well known and people actually come here for breakfast. The Buddha bowl is good, Palak Khichdi is another thing you should try. Read about Ironhill Cafe.

Iron Hill Cafe Review - Food Served
Iron Hill Cafe Review – Food Served

Enchante Cafe

If you are craving some desserts to go along with your Coffee, Enchante is where you should head to. Enchante cafe is one of the cafes in Hyderabad that is known for its desserts. With multiple seating options – outdoors, indoors, the first floor – Enchante is a good place for all occasions. Their Mumbai Masala Risotto served with Garlic bread was delicious and so was the Spinach Corn Bon Bon. Talking about desserts, Classic Opera, Chocolate Pebble is worth a try. For hot beverages, we had Nutella Hot Chocolate, Enchante Latte, and Cafe Mocha. I’ll advise you to keep your desserts in check if you want to really want to enjoy your coffee. Read more about Enchante Cafe.

Heavenly Desserts at Enchante Cafe Review
Delicious Desserts – Guess which one is which !

Which Cafe in Hyderabad will you visit?

These were obviously not all the cafes in Hyderabad but the most popular ones that also have good coffee and food. All these cafes in Hyderabad are easily accessible and have parking spaces. In terms of safety in the current scenario, I’ve visited Heart Cup Coffee in Gachibowli, Roastery Coffee House, and I can vouch that they are following safety guidelines.

So, if I were to ask you, which cafe in Hyderabad will you visit? Let me know in the comments below, Tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM to @Atulmaharaj on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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  1. There’s a Roastery coffee house in Kolkata as well, here also an old begali traditional house is converted to a cafe.. and they have some charm in that place. I love it.

    • Yes, Roastery is in Kolkata too. However, I haven’t been there yet. I’m sure the vibes would be beautiful there. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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