Atulmaharaj at Travel Deals Expo 2019
Atulmaharaj at Travel Deals Expo 2019

Story Telling Tips for Bloggers – My Story Telling experience

The first time ever I faced the audience was way back in 8th grade. I remember enacting as Mr. Bachchan and doing a spoof of Kaun Banega Crorepati. I was nervous, though the audience was only students, it was something big for me.As time passed, I got more opportunities to speak to a larger group. Addressing the class, students, colleagues at work soon became rather common. And I totally love being on the stage sharing my experiences. Last weekend was one such exciting one where I was invited by The Times of India and Global Tourism Council to talk at the Times Travel Deals Expo 2019 at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad.

It was my first time doing an actual public speaking gig. Earlier, I did one at the Blogtastic session organized by IMPA Hyderabad Chapter. 20 minutes was the slot provided to me. That’s a lot of time and that meant a lot of content. I’ve been traveling a lot, eating and exploring places. And hence I decided to share my experiences of traveling solo.

My Story Telling experience

Last weekend was dedicated only to this event Travel Deals Expo 2019. Was busy preparing the presentation, digging through the hard disk to find the best photos I had. Working on the story line, the script and every possible thing. After all Atulmaharaj was going to be in the public domain, nothing should go wrong.

The introduction I was given was pretty amazing and I had butterflies in my stomach as I approached the stage. I got the microphone, the clicker and the first line I spoke, I skipped few words. Not the start one would want ! But glad that didn’t last any longer, a couple of sentences and I was in the groove. Shared my experiences of traveling solo, told stories about my visit to Nanded, Munnar, Dargah Sharif et al. The session was about traveling on a shoe string budget, so also shared tips to save money. And glad people found it helpful.

Atulmaharaj at Travel Deals Expo 2019
Felicitated post the Travel Deals Expo 2019 Hyderabad. Courtesy: Travel Deals Expo Facebook Page

Post the session, I was approached by quite a few people appreciating my session and asking a few questions. I also met few folks from the tourism industry who expressed their desire to work with me for some of their assignments. Overall, it was a wonderful experience story telling.

Story Telling Tips for Bloggers

I wasn’t the only one who presented that day. There were a lot of other bloggers from the city who were a part of it. Story Telling is an art which I feel every blogger should learn if they do such public appearances. After all, writing and talking are vastly different. As a blogger you can definitely write well, but speaking ? Not many can talk well. Based on my experience of story telling, here are few story telling tips for bloggers:

  • You are there because you have experienced things. Be it tasting a variety of dishes or exploring countries. It’s these experiences that you have to share. Make sure to paint the right picture you want your audience to perceive. This helps connect with the audience.
  • If you know who your audience is, nothing like that. Once you know who you are talking to, you can prepare your speech accordingly. That will help you be precise and share valuable insights for the audience.
  • Story Telling is all about having actors and a story. You should weave a story in such a way that your audience can actually place themselves in the story and feel every bit you talk about.
  • Use words that are simple to understand. You may be a prolific writer when it comes to blogging, but when you are out there in the open, you need to ensure that whatever you speak is understood by everyone.
  • Have a proper story in place with proper Call to Actions. Talk about things and relate back to them at a later stage during your talk. This will help you keep your audience interested in your talk.
  • Lastly, as a blogger you need to build your brand. Story Telling is a great way for bloggers like us to not only share your travel, food experience but also talk about blogging. I’ve always believed that one has a presence across social media platforms. Preferably with the same name, so that people can find you easily.

Go and share your experiences

Those were a few story telling tips for bloggers based on my story telling experience. I’m no expert yet, but with the opportunities I have got, I’ve learnt a lot of things. I’d suggest everyone to take up any chance you get to talk to people. Trust me if you are able to tell a story, you will be highly effective in doing whatever you do. Do reach out to me via the comments sections or tweet to me @Atulmaharaj and share your experiences of story telling.

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