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India first to send SMARTPHONE to space !

Suno gaur se duniya waalon,
buri nazar na hum pe daalo,
chaahe jitna zor laga lo,
😆 sabze aage honge Hindustani !! 😆

So yet again, India has been the first country to do something  – this time sends a Smartphone into space. Well, this is certainly a unique feat achieved by India. ISRO  launched the PSLV on Monday that is carrying the smartphone along with loads of other components.

Google Nexus One lands in space. Courtesy: Treehugger
Google Nexus One lands in space. Courtesy: Treehugger

Even Google should be boasting about the feat, as it is their Nexus One that has too become the first ever smartphone in space. If Google was an Indian company, the newspapers and tv would have been filled by their ads ! 😛 😉

It’s been sent to test some ‘Apps’ that comprise of fun and scientific studies. One of the most talked study is the ‘Scream‘ app that would test the speakers to check if a scream is heard in space.

I’m more interested in the FUN Apps. Whats with them ? What if  the Astronauts get busy playing Angry Birds Space in space ! Will the game be affected by real gravitation ! 😛

There is no stopping me to continue with all the weird space app thoughts, but as said, I have an exams going on ! Well, today’s exam was average. Wouldn’t say a great one or a worse. Anyways, its time to go ! Hope you liked this post !

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