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Does our legal system need a make over ?

With the increasing cases of rape and harassment against women, it’s high time we bring reforms to our legal system. The system has been adopted from the British. Even though it is fool-proof(many might oppose this), time has come to rethink and make amendments to it.

One of the things that I like about the system is that, even the accused / guilty has full rights to hire a lawyer and have a chance for a fair trial. Most of the time, the lawyers who take up the case of the accused are threatened to withdraw their proposal. In this aspect I have high regards and respect for Mr.Kazmi, who showed professionalism in his approach and took up the case to defend Ajmal Kasab.

Does the system need a makeover ? Courtesy: sensefinancial

But the appeal made by the Saket BAR council today that none of its lawyer will defend the five accused in the Delhi gang-rape case, is highly unethical and unprofessional. The lawyers shouldn’t put forward their sentiments over their profession and the law.

Another, thing that makes me think is the definition of “rarest of rare” cases. The Supreme Court of India ruled in 1983 that the death penalty should be imposed only in “the rarest of rare cases”. In one of the recent assault, where a person was drunk and killed a 65 year old lady and then raped, stabbed the lady’s pregnant grand-daughter. The person then bragged about his act to his friends.

After all this, the Supreme court merely gave life imprisonment and when challenged by many, it stated that, the person was under the influence of Alcohol while he committed the crime and didn’t realize as to what he was doing !  So this isn’t a case of rarest of rare case where the accused can be hanged.

Does it mean, that when under the influence of Alcohol, one can commit any crime and still get away from death penalty ? Regardless of the degree of crime committed ?

I leave the rest on the readers, to think upon it and share their views.

Well, I have shared my views and have no intention of harming any individual or a group in any manner whatsoever. I, in no manner, support any ill-doings and respect the law. 

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