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My love for Pav Bhaji

I am a FOODIE,as said in my previous posts, I enjoy eating and trying out new things. But there are some things that are on the menu always (in techie terms they are default :P)

One such Indian delicacy that I cherish is the Pav BhajiFor those of you who don’t have any idea, this is basically a dish comprising of spicy, tangy, vibrant curry served along with Pav. (Burger Bun) And for me it’s Finger Lickin Good !

I always recommend people to try dishes from their place of origin at least once. For instance, one should eat the Masala Dosa in Bangalore, Chennai etc. or probably try the Chole Bhature from Delhi, Amritsar etc. And I have been lucky to try them out from their original creators 😛

The first time I had the Pav Bhaji was in Ahmedabad when I was..hhmmm…10 or so. I have tried it in Pune, Kolhapur, Mahabaleshwar, Satara and few other places.

Now a days, my staple lunch is Pav Bhaji. Well, I have turned to this particular dish served in our cafeteria for the sole reason that it is much more tasty and the fact that its value-for-money quotient is significantly high ! As mentioned above, after having Pav Bhaji from over 10 destinations, the bhaji served in our cafeteria is one of its kind in the entire country – they serve mushrooms in the curry ! (Well, if you do know of any other place that serves mushroom, please let me know) But still, I like it. And my foodie instincts have certainly made some of my friends try it too. Pav Bhaji Ambassador ! 😉

My list of defaults is never ending. But this post has to end somewhere. Before ending this, you can see the recipe of Pav Bhaji here.

Bon Apetite ! (Reminder: J’aime le Francais)

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