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The ‘Rangoli’ way of celebrating festivals

India with its vast history and cultural diversity is also the Festival country. We Indians have so many festivals, maybe a couple of them every month ! Every festival is has a story behind it, be it the victory of Lord Ram over Raavana during Dussehra or the harvest festival of Holi, there’s a reason we celebrate it. There are different ways every festival is celebrated and it varies from person to person. Like in my family we make Kadhi on Diwali along with sweets. The traditional sewaiyan during Eid is definitely on of my favorite, lots of sweet, lots of nuts and a lot of love too. One thing that is done during festivals is the fantastico Rangoli.

Rangoli is a colorful design or pattern that is made during festivals. Usually made by the ladies in the house, it is made in the courtyard or usually in front of the main entrance of the house, building. Hindus believe that if their house is clean, they will be blessed with prosperity, happiness and money and they feel one of the way to ‘welcome‘ it is by beautifully decorating the entrance of the house with fantastico Rangoli. It is one of the first thing that is done on the day of the festival, washing the area and putting up a fantastico Rangoli.

Beautiful Rangoli.
Beautiful Rangoli.

Rangoli is generally made with color. These colors are available in a powder form similar to that of the color we use during Holi. Depending on the area and the interest of the person, it can be big or small. Now a days it has become quite easy to make a Rangoli, thanks to the ready-made stencils available so a person has to simply put the stencil and put the color on top of it. Also another way a Rangoli is made is his flowers instead of colors, this is done particularly during the festival of Onam. I’ve seen these fantastcio Rangolis and they look fabulous, firstly because of the color and the fragrance of the fresh flowers.

For a North Indian guy like me staying in the south, we get to see beautiful Rangolis everyday. It’s probably a tradition that is followed here in the south, and is definitely a part of the daily routine. Early in the morning, washing the area infront of the main gate and drawing the Rangoli. Even the maids here do that, I remember our maid used to do the same, not an elaborate one, but a simple Rangoli used to be outside our house. Trust me it looks so good when you walk out of the house, just amazing ! And these south Indians are definitely masters at making rangoli, if there’s a competition anytime, I’m sure they’ll win !

So festivals in India are not only about food, there’s this fantastico Rangoli to go with it. Beautiful and elegant Rangolis are a great way to celebrate a festival.

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