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The amazing view from the train.
The amazing view from the train.

The ‘Magical’ Window Seat

I’m writing this post from the Window Seat, but I’m sure by the time this post is live I would be sitting at my desk 🙁 Traveling has its own charm, be it by car,bus or train. I’m not counting flight because there’s not much that you see outside the window. Right now I’m chugging and enroute Bengaluru and luckily I’ve got the seat I like the most – the Window Seat. I’m quite sure that many of you reading this enjoy the window seat. Well the window seat is magical, and here’s why.

The Magical Window Seat
Chugging away…

First of all, the glorious view you get from the seat is something we don’t get to see especially in the cities. Zooming on the highway past those lush green fields or the mighty mountains makes you realize that the world has so much more that you haven’t seen at all ! And if you are on a long journey, you might start off with mango trees along the route and end up with banana trees ! You’ll find so many scenic spots on the way that you would want to stop and capture the moment, but unfortunately these are way too many that if you get busy capturing these, then you’ll never make it to the destination !

It’s not only about the view, but the window seat is definitely a magical spot, a time machine I should say. Sitting at the window seat, seeing every thing go backwards spark many thoughts. Either you are tele-ported to the past or the future. It’s usually like a film, you’ll recollect so many things that would have happened in the past. Even though you cannot do much about it now, you tend to go back and wonder how things would have been if that wouldn’t happen. I wouldn’t term it philosophical thoughts exactly, but you do tend to take stock of things that has happened or things that would happen. Especially if you are on a solo trip, you will probably experience this even more and many time it will have a very strong effect.

So it’s not more about the view but the time machine aspect of the window seat that is the highlight of the post. No matter where you are traveling to, whom you are traveling with, getting a window seat is the highlight. So the next time you are on a trip whether short or long, try getting hold of that window seat and feel the difference ! And share your experience 🙂

Bon voyagé 🙂

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  1. So it shows the journey that one takes. Through geographies and timelines and evolution, everything… I recently (after a long time) traveled in a train and had similar feelings. Trains given their need for time evolves a tourist into a traveler unknowingly 🙂

  2. You start with banana trees and end up with mango trees….how beautifully put. I agree about the magic of window seats. I still do not exchange my window seat in a train with nebody, not even a kid (and then I get angry glares from their parents). But flights are different. Somehow, I never take a window seat in there .

    • Thanks Deepali 🙂 Guess we both are on the same boat with respect to exchanging Window seats 😛 Can totally relate to the ‘angry glares’ bit 😉

  3. very well said.. If you know anybody in Mumbai then ask them what is the meaning of ‘Window Seat’ in Mumbai …. just ask

    • All I remember about the Window Seats is people throwing their handkerchiefs to reserved the seats 😉

      • No no that happens in the long journey trains. I am talking about Local Train travelling of daily commuters. Every person want that window seat to get fresh Air , everyday its (Jung jitne wala) feel… after getting the seat 😉

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