Marvelous Dosa at MTR, Bengaluru
Marvelous Dosa at MTR, Bengaluru

Can Foodies be Vegetarian ? Yes !

One of the most common phrases that a vegetarian gets to hear from their meat loving friends is “It tastes so yummy, Chicken mat khaa, gravy lele” (It tastes so good, do eat the chicken, but taste the gravy) Most of non vegetarian folks will brag about their food and probably comment that vegetarians don’t have much variety. Well, I do agree to a part of it, so all peace. I’m a foodie and often visit restaurants, cafes to try out new food and cuisines. Irrespective of the restaurant type, I relish the vegetarian food without paying any heed to what the person on the next table is eating. Recently while I was at a restaurant, someone asked me “You are a foodie, but you are a vegetarian how’s that ?” So the question Can Foodies be Vegetarian ? Of course Yes ! And I’m probably the living and eating example of it ๐Ÿ˜›

Meat lover's love for the day
Meat lover’s love !

It’s definitely not rare but surely scarce to find foodies who are pure vegetarian. And I’m sure many would have tried tasting once and there will be many others who are vegetarians in front of their families and non vegetarian otherwise ! I won’t deny the fact that there are more non veg items on the menu compared to the vegetarian counterpart. And the number of such restaurants are on the rise as it becomes tough to find a pure vegetarian restaurant. So eventually being a vegetarian and dining at a place that serves best of both worlds has become a common practice. Many a times we enjoy vegetarian delicacies at a non veg restaurant. Biryani and Kebabs are the best example for that, at least from my experience I can say that Biryani from a renowned restaurant like Bawarchi, Paradise, Shah Ghouse etc. would taste way better than the ones available in vegetarian restaurants.

On a bigger picture if you see, the population of vegetarians is pretty strong, thanks to the recent vegan movements where millions are turning vegans. Leaving out the pure vegans (people who don’t even take milk and so on) there still are a good number of people who are pure vegetarians and I’m glad there are few places that cater to their needs. So yes, there are a lot of vegetarian foodies who are scouting for good vegetarian food in their areas. Even when the world around them is full of non vegetarian items, (cakes, chocolates etc.) the foodies are surely to find a place with some lip smacking food !

Proud Vegetarian Foodies

Considering from the Food Reviewer Foodie’s (foodies who review restaurants) point of view, being a vegetarian is beneficial. Why ? Simple marketing concept. There are a few vegetarian people and you as a food blogger / foodie are catering to that segment by reviewing vegetarian food / restaurants. Hence your chances of being famous for that niche vegetarian segment is high as you will be the group’s goto man for good vegetarian food. Eventually you are catering to the niche market segment with your pure vegetarian restaurant reviews and that is surely a feat.

Marvelous Dosa at MTR, Bengaluru
Marvelous Dosa at MTR, Bengaluru

So, would like to conclude this post by motivating my fellow Vegetarian Foodies, by pointing out that vegetarian food is available everywherea pure vegetarian restaurant also and a non vegetarian restaurant too ! So the world is yours, go ahead and spread your love for food !

What do you feel about this ? What would your answer be if I asked Can Foodies be Vegetarian ?ย Share your answer in the comments below.

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  1. vegetarians I believe have a huge variety especially Indian food has so much to offer, both to taste buds and to health, thanks:)

    • Oh yes! However, whenever I venture out to places, people are astonished that I’m a Food Blogger who is vegetarian and a teetotaler as well. Thanks for dropping by ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am trying very hard to turn a foodie who is a vegetarian! It becomes a bit more tricky abroad!

  3. Super ! Thanks for visiting ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Atul you are not alone.I am a foodie and a vegetarian too!.People just dont know that you can have lot of variety in vegetarian food also.

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