Yadav Hotel, Lucknow Ayodhya Highway
Locals throng to Yadav Hotel

Yadav Hotel, Lucknow Ayodhya Highway – The Local Favorite

I was having a discussion about the dhaba culture in Hyderabad a few days ago. I still feel that there are many dhabas when compared to NH8 or Bangalore Pune Highway. However, there are a lot of names that people suggested, guess I might need to start exploring dhabas in Hyderabad now! On the same lines, the dhaba culture is predominant in northern India.

One such place that I visited recently was Yadav Hotel on Lucknow Ayodhya highway is the locals favourite. It was my first trip to Ayodhya and I was surprised with the amazing condition of Lucknow Ayodhya Highway, to be honest. So this is going to be my short review of Yadav Hotel on Lucknow Ayodhya Highway.

Yadav Hotel on Lucknow Ayodhya Highway

People who are traversing the Lucknow Ayodhya highway regularly will be well aware of Yadav Hotel. It’s a small but hugely popular place. In fact, when I told my driver to stop for refreshments, he drove a little further and dropped me at Yadav Hotel. While there are a lot of other dhabas on the way, this one is quite popular among the locals.

Yadav Hotel on Lucknow Ayodhya highway comes after the Raunahi Toll Plaza. It will be on the left when you are coming from Ayodhya. While I don’t know the exact address of the place, I’m embedding below the map of Yadav Hotel. I’m sure this should make it easy for you.

Delicious & Cheap food at Yadav Hotel

The dhabas on the Delhi-Chandigarh route are fancy – Haveli for instance. While the ones on Lucknow Ayodhya highway are rather simple. Yadav hotel is a distinct blue building off the highway. I don’t know if it was due to the pandemic situation, but there was no seating place. You go to the counter which is fairly crowded and place your order.

Yadav Hotel, Lucknow Ayodhya Highway
Locals throng to Yadav Hotel

We ordered Samosa, Aloo Mutter Chat and Chai. A Samosa for less than 10 Rupees, my eyes lit up and my mouth watered. I pay close to Rs 20 for a samosa here in Hyderabad. The Samosa was nicely done. It wasn’t one of those ‘black aloo’ samosas that are quite popular in Lucknow. Neither it was spicy nor too tangy. The balance of spices was perfect. More than the Samosa the accompanying green chilly chutney added the zing to the overall plate. This chutney is worth a try.

Samosa, Aloo Chat and Chai at Yadav Hotel, Lucknow Ayodhya Highway
Samosa, Aloo Chat and Chai at Yadav Hotel, Lucknow Ayodhya Highway

The Aloo Mutter Chat had a small aloo patty drowned in a mutter. It was topped with just the right amount of chutney, jeera powder and onions. It didn’t have curd which is usually a part of chat. I guess that was the distinguishing factor. The chat was very basic and had muted flavours. I’m sure one could have a couple of them easily.

Lastly, the chai was just like I like it. Served hot in a kulhad, the chai was creamy. Unlike the watery one, I had at Sharma ji ki Chai in Lucknow. However, I wished there was some masala or at least ginger added to the chai. It would have been perfect.

Stop by Yadav Hotel on your next trip

Yadav Hotel or Yadav Dairy (as shown on Google maps) is a popular place amongst the locals. It’s known for its samosas, chai and rabri. While I couldn’t try the rabri, I’m sure it would be delicious. (Another reason for me to visit Ayodhya and try this) The best part is that the food is freshly prepared and is affordable. Compared to what I pay for such things in Hyderabad, this was way cheaper.

Road trips are fun only when you have good roads and nice dhabas. That’s way makes the journey more enjoyable. What’s your thought? Let me know in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM me on Instagram or Get in Touch.

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