Drinks & Chakhna Platter at The Bier Library
Drinks & Chakhna Platter at The Bier Library

Delicious Brunch at The Bier Library, Koramangala Review

Bangalore has always been a happening place according to me. Even when I was in school there, there were places used to hang out. From the then-favourite CCD to the Corner House, some places are just meant to be visited. Fast forward to a decade later, the brew-pub, restro-lounge, and cafe culture in Bengaluru is quite strong. During my visit to Bengaluru a few weeks ago, I also visited The Bier Library located in Koramangala.

It was a sudden meeting with the local folks from my company before some of us headed to the airport. Also, it was the same day when I had gone on a breakfast date at Vidyarthi Bhavan. So yes, dose in the morning followed by some small plates and desserts at The Bier Library. This is going to be my review of The Bier Library.

Ambience for every occasion

I was visiting Bengaluru after a long gap, hence wasn’t quite aware of where we were heading whilst staring at the Google maps screen. For the unaware, I sort of get anxious when I don’t know where I am, hence the planning has to happen. Nevertheless, after about an hour’s drive from Marathahalli, we reached The Bier Library. While I was still looking for Forum mall, the driver told me that we had arrived at our destination.

For a first-time visitor, not an ideal location for a brewery to be located. It’s not on the main road, and one has to get in a little on the side road to see The Bier Library. The place has a nice entrance with tropical vibes. White walls with bougainvillaea flowers on one side are welcoming. Since we had a prior booking, we had our tables reserved. Looking at the crowd at 12 PM on a Sunday afternoon, surely seemed like a local favourite.

Good vibes at The Bier Library
Good vibes at The Bier Library

Once inside, the place looks pretty good. A pond in the middle with multistorey seating areas on the sides. A large bar counter in the front and an open stage on the right surely grab attention. You have multiple options to sit, you can eat while sitting near the pond, inside in the AC or outside in the tropical areas. It provides an assortment of seating options perfect for any occasion.

The place has got nice vibes to it with live music and a good crowd to go with it. While they do have a smoking room, I saw most of them smoking in the seating area. Or maybe I was seated in the wrong area. Apart from that, no complaints about the ambience at The Bier Library, you’ll have a ball of a time.

Food, Drinks & Desserts at The Bier Library

We were a group of 10 people and a mix of vegetarians, non-vegetarians, teetotalers and tipplers. So the order was quite vast and frankly, I don’t remember all the items that we had ordered. (Another reason that I should write a blog post immediately after visiting a place)

The first thing we had on the table was a beer sampler for the tipplers and a chakhna plate for the teetotalers. The chakhna plate was surprisingly good. I still don’t know what those cups of salad and sprouts were doing in there, but they were good. If you don’t know what to order, I’d suggest ordering this. Munch on the chakhna and think about your next order 😉

Food at The Bier Library
Pizza and Sandwiches were pretty good.

We had ordered a plate of Nachos with baked beans, a Bombay Mini sandwich, Chilly cheese balls, some Paneer Cheese dish (unable to find the item in the menu at the time of writing this) and a slice of Pizza. Nachos with baked beans were good, there were fresh veggies and a generous amount of beans, just the way I like it. Bombay Mini Sandwiches were surprisingly very good. Made me recollect the sandwiches that I had at Sandwizza in Mumbai. This is a must-try, in fact, we ordered a few more plates of this.

Chilly Cheese balls were nice, crispy on the outside, gooey and cheesy on the inside. I was interested in trying this Paneer Cheese dish and it turned out to be bad. I don’t know what was the idea behind that dish. The cheese marinated on the Paneer slab was off and lacked flavour. Even the original flavour of milky paneer was missing. The Pizza that we ordered was a single slice. We had a Margherita Pizza along with a Liguria Pizza which that cheery tomatoes with spinach. The crust was good and Margherita was nice, the Liguria though wasn’t liked by all of us.

Refreshing drinks and luscious desserts

Being amongst the teetotalers in the group, there were a few mocktails that we ordered. I had a Ginger Mint along Melon Lake and Ginger Ale. Ginger mint was refreshing, soothing and perfect for the Bangalore heat. For anyone who doesn’t like the flavour of Ginger, I’d suggest giving this a miss.

Drinks & Chakhna Platter at The Bier Library
Drinks & Chakhna Platter at The Bier Library

Melon lake with watermelon was loaded with fresh watermelon pulp. It didn’t seem like there was sugar added to it. Since there was Red bull added to it, it had that tangy taste and punch. A drink that you can try.

For desserts, we had a Tiramisu along with Tres Leches. While some of them were full and wanted to give desserts a miss, it was just the spoon that made us order more servings of it. The Tiramisu was nicely done moist and rich coffee flavour. However, the highlight had to be Les Treches. One of the best Les Treches I’ve had in the recent past. The one I had at Food Exchange at Novotel was another one that I absolutely loved and the Rasmalai Les treches that I had at Farzi Cafe is another take on this iconic dessert. Tres leches is a must-try here.

Les Treches & Tiramisu for desserts.
Les Treches & Tiramisu for desserts.

Hangout at The Bier Library

Being a remote-first company, meeting colleagues from work outside of Google meets was different. The place was perfect for the occasion and the vibes were good. The food was nice based on the things we tried. I sure wanted to have a few more things, but I was already full. Since we went dutch, I don’t know the exact bill, but it was around 1000 per head which I feel was pretty decent.

The Bier Library in Koramangala is a good place to hang out. I’m sure they have live music performances which will just elevate your dining experience. Whether it’s a brunch or a groovy evening that you are looking forward to, The Bier Library is a place that you can try. For someone who is not from the city, I liked the place and wouldn’t mind going back again and trying out a few more things.

Let me know your thoughts about The Bier Library or about other breweries, and places that I should visit in Bengaluru on my next visit. Drop your suggestion in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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