Bushwick Collective Walking Tour
Bushwick Collective Walking Tour

Bushwick Collective Brooklyn – Complete Walking Tour Guide

While I was researching Ethiopian Food and Bunna Cafe in New York, I was also figuring out other places to visit in the vicinity. Considering this was far from where I was staying and off track on the tourists’ radar, I wanted to add a few more places that I could visit when I went here. Some more research about the neighbourhood told me about the Bushwick Collective – an outdoor street art gallery.

Being a painter myself (yes I used to paint almost until college, acrylic/oil on canvas was what I loved) I love to see what others are up to and hence adding this to my list of places to visit in New York made total sense. So after a hearty meal at Bunna Cafe, I decided to do a little walking tour of the neighbourhood and explore the street art. 

In this post, I’ll share my experience and a short free walking tour guide of Bushwick Collective for all art lovers. 

What’s Bushwick collective?

Bushwick is a neighbourhood in Brooklyn which is home to different ethnic communities. This meant that they were different people from different cultures and the best way to experience a culture according to me is through food and art. While being home to a lot of eateries, Bushwick is also home to a one-of-a-kind outdoor art gallery. 

Back in 2012, a movement was started by Joe Ficalora to revitalize the neighbourhood by using the power of street art and community expression. This led to the neighbourhood becoming a canvas for artists and a great medium of expression. The Bushwick Collective operates on a simple premise, giving artists a platform to express themselves devoid of all the constraints of a traditional gallery. Walls of the buildings in the neighbourhood act as canvases which are adorned by beautiful, meaningful and thought-provoking street art.

While at a few places, you’ll see that street art isn’t appreciated, the Bushwick collective is the perfect example of how artists and building owners can work in harmony and make street art great again. Today, the Bushwick Collective has tens of thought-provoking art in the neighbourhood and I got a glimpse of it in my short walking tour of Bushwick. 

Walking Tour Of Bushwick Collective

As this is an outdoor street gallery, it’s spread across a large area and there isn’t specific entry or exit timings. In terms of location, the best way to reach Bushwick Collective is to take the New York Subway and get down at Jefferson St. Get out of the station take a right and walk towards Artichoke Pizza. With Artichoke Pizza in front of you, take a left and keep walking. This lane is what I felt is the essence of Bushwick Collective. 

You can virtually enter or exit any lane and witness some beautiful street art. Each of the paintings that I came across was unique in its own sense, some I understood some I didn’t, but I’m sure there are some powerful messages stored in each of these. With every step you take, you’ll see a brand new canvas that will just leave you in awe.

The Bushwick Collective - Set 1
The Bushwick Collective – Set 1

While I cannot put photos or details of all the paintings present in the Bushwick Collective, here are some notable ones that you must see. PS: I googled each of the art photo that I had and figured out the artist.

  • Tristan Eaton’s larger-than-life mural on Troutman Street: A masterpiece of intricate details and vivid colours that mesmerizes viewers with its grandeur.
  • Dasic Fernandez and Rubin415’s dynamic collaboration on St. Nicholas Avenue: A striking blend of realism and abstraction that commands attention and sparks curiosity.
  • Pixel Pancho’s surreal robot-inspired mural on Jefferson Street: An imaginative creation that transports viewers to a world where technology and nature coexist in harmony.
  • Buff Monster’s vibrant and whimsical mural on Wyckoff Avenue: A playful celebration of colour and creativity that brings joy to all who pass by.
The Bushwick Collective - Set 2
The Bushwick Collective – Set 2

I spent close to a couple of hours walking through various streets and experiencing a different form of art that’s not quite popular here in India. On one side I was burning the amazing food that I had at Bunna Cafe and was also witnessing some amazing art.

You can also follow TheBushwickCollective on Instagram to keep up with the updates. I learned that they also do some events, so if your visit to New York coincides with any of this, I’m sure it’ll be a worthwhile visit.

Bushwick Collective Walking Tour
Bushwick Collective Walking Tour

The Underrated Spot

Whether you love art or don’t understand any of it, visiting The Bushwick Collective must be on your list of places to visit in New York.  Some of these paintings will leave you in awe of the sheer awesomeness while others will give you some food for thought.

It’s a wonderful experience, an Instagrammable place for your feed too. So that’s about my walking guide of Bushwick Collective, let me know what you think about the place in the comments below. You can also tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM @Atulmaharaj on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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