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Time for our inner patriot to rise..

With Republic Day just around the corner, the markets are flooded with the Indian flags, bands, caps and what not. Nice to see that people are still buying them and showing sense of patriotism. But the question is Why be patriotic during Republic Days and Independence Days ? (I am not saying that we are not patriotic, but I mean to say why buy flags, bands etc just during such time ?)

Markets flodded with Indian
Markets flodded with Indian

There is no doubt that we are patriotic. But usually we see people opting for the flags, bands etc only during this time. What I want is why not display the flag at all times ? Be it your entrance door, show-case, balcony whatever it is, one can put up the Indian flag at all times. I wouldn’t even mind wearing a tiepin with the Indian flag.

It would be so nice to wake up and see the flag swaying in air and feel the sense of patriotism EVERY SINGLE DAY. With this, one will always have a longing to do something for the country.

So, here’s wishing everyone a very Happy Republic Day ! Jai Hind !


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