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‘Kahani’ the new way to propel your brand

One of the boons of Internet and Social Media is that you can reach millions of people with just a few clicks. Things you share online spread like fire. Gone are the days when businesses used to distribute pamphlets and do telemarketing. From having a well designed logo that connects with your audience to a full-blown campaign on social media. Brands are trying every possible trick to attract customers. But have you ever imagined, why few brands make it large while others don’t ? The brands that fail, often don’t target the right audience or either the message they try to convey isn’t effective.

Forget the conventional Ways

Most of the famous brands you see today are collaborating with content creators on the internet. What you get in the end is a perfect amalgamation of the brand and the story. Some of the famous brands that come to my mind going the YouTube way include KingfisherTVF Pitchers, Ola CabsTVF Permanent Roomates, FlipkartThe Timeliners Aam Admi Family. These web-series have conveyed a message along with promoting the brand. The editors carefully weave a story along with the service / product that is appealing to the viewers. After all you don’t expect an advert instead of a show !

Kahani - Stories that inflate your brand. Image Courtesy: talkwiz
Kahani – Stories that inflate your brand. Image Courtesy: talkwiz

Steps in Kahani

Conventional ways of propelling your brand are dead. An innovative way to reach out to your potential customers is by the way of “Kahani” (Story) Kahani is a subtle and impactful marketing tool that has game changing potential for your brand. No, it’s nothing to do with a storytelling session. Composing a story around your brand / service is a great way to get your customer’s attention. Kahani does exactly that. It focuses on creating authentic storiespersonal or brand. These exclusive stories are fit to be included in your business presentations, client meetings, VC pitching et al.

Attend the Kahani workshop

Kahani comes in an interactive talk in workshop format. It will talk you through some of the impactful strategies like the art and science of stories, DIY process, the pitfall and errors and much more. The workshop is being conducted by Reety Wadhwa who has been previously associated with Times of India and NDTV to name a few. What you get at the end of the workshop is an effective tool that will help you influence your customer through the world of stories.

On this wise, it’s time to ditch the conventional ways to promote your brand. Introducing your brand / service in the form of a story to your customer is the new trend. It not only helps propel your brand, it also helps build a strong and everlasting relationship with your customer. So whether you have a personal or a business brand, check out what Kahani has to offer.

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