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Happy As Always :)

For all those who have me in their contact list would know what this means. Well this is my status on Whatsapp, and guess its been the same since I started using it ! 😛

Just yesterday one of my best friend(meilleur ami) asked me – “How can I always be Happy ??”  My usual answer would have been that Fat people are harbingers of Happiness and Laughter where ever they go ! 🙂 😀

And it was no different this time too. I  feel that allowing the situation to take control over you is always a bad idea. One should be strong enough to ensure that the situation doesn’t go out of control. One may fight with one of their best friend, go into a self criticizing mode (Many of my friends tend to get into this situation easily !) but should try to get over all of it in a short span of time.

I have always ensured that the surroundings- more importantly the people – around me are always happy. Making them smile is something that brings joy to me. And to ensure people are happy, I need to be happy in the first place ! What so ever happens, I’m usually over it quickly and try to avoid talks related to it. Hence the status Happy as Always 🙂 🙂 is justified !

For the past few days, things seem to be going really good for me. I wonder why, but everything and everyone around suddenly seem so nice ! So to all my Friends out there – here’s a BIG THANK YOU for being in touch and strengthening the relation between us !

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