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Smartphones. Image Courtesy: forbesindia.com
Smartphones. Image Courtesy: forbesindia.com

How smartphones are helping the youth and nation evolve

Roti, Kapda, Makaan and Smartphone is en usage now a days. People can hardly imagine their lives without smart phone. Smartphones are available for one and all, one can get a smart phone for less than 3k today, thanks to the multiple vendors in the market. Plus the ever-growing technology we now have access to quad-core, octa-core processor phones. Smartphones have certainly improved the conditions of many families through apps that impart education and create awareness. Smartphones have not only helped individuals but also the nation on a whole. There are a lot of services that the government is providing through the mobile platform. Let’s see what are some of the areas where Smartphones are helping the youth and the Nation evolve.
E Governance to improve Law and Order. Image Courtesy: financialexpress.com
E Governance to improve Law and Order. Image Courtesy: financialexpress.com
Law and Order: The government has stepped up its initiative in providing services through the mobile platform. Thanks to the National e-Governance Plan which has laid down the foundation for this. The government has come up with many initiatives including a safety app for Women. This smartphone application is a great tool for women as the police are now only a touch away. Not only for women, even for the police department, such apps are helpful as it will help them keep crime in check in the city. One such app is Hawk Eye by the Hyderabad Police where the users can register as volunteers, raise alarm, provide crime details, get contact numbers of the nearest police station etc. Then there are apps for Lawyers that provide them with a daily cause list that helps them manage their client and case list efficiently. One such app is the Vakil app available for Android and iOS. Such apps are a boon for the government and the officials as it helps them function efficiently.
Smart Farming. Image Courtesy: thebetterindia.com
Smart Farming. Image Courtesy: thebetterindia.com
Agriculture: The government through its Open Data Initiative is providing near-live data about the crops in the country. Anyone – from a farmer to the consumer – can use this app to track the prices of various commodities in the wholesale market. From apples to bananas, you’ll get prices of everything. With these apps, you can even see the historic data of the commodities. One such app is the Gram Seva App available for Android. The app has received recognition from the ministry for being one of the most comprehensive app in the market.
Smart Learning. Image Courtesy: newindianexpress.com
Smart Learning. Image Courtesy: newindianexpress.com
Nation Building through e-Learning: Smartphones have made learning more enjoyable and easily accessible. With a smartphone one has access to a sea of information. Anyone can access these and enhance their knowledge. Further the mobile aspect of the smartphone ensures that the user is able to learn on the move. Smartphones have helped take the classroom anywhere. The government through its NPTEL initiative is providing free courses from leading universities including the likes of IITs, IIMs for free. Such courses will provide quality education to anyone. With education all of us can become #Technocrats
But what can smartphone do without internet ? It’s as good as a brick. Thanks to the advancement in telecommunication that we now have access to 4G speeds – in layman terms, faster speeds, better content quality and reduced buffering times. 4G has higher speeds compared to the traditional 2G and thus one can get things done in a jiffy. Most of the telcos are rolling out 4G in various parts of the country in a phased manner.
So the smartphone along with 4G can take the country to great heights. Imagine when every person in the country has access to a smartphone and 4G ? That would be the real Digital India.

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