Make way for the Bloggers ! Tata Hexa Bloggers Day Out.
Make way for the Bloggers !

Tata Hexa Bloggers Day Out – Day 1

Blogging is a thing, a job for many and they are serious about this. It’s no more a ‘side-business’ but a passion and a bread-winner for many. And the fact that Bloggers are getting their fair bit of due attention is remarkable. Big brands are reaching out to bloggers in more than one way or the other to ensure their products and services reach the masses. I was fortunate enough to be invited for the Tata Hexa Launch Event organized by Tata Motors and Indiblogger in Hyderabad on 22nd and 23rd October at the Novotel Airport Hotel.  It was my first Blogging meet and a chance of being associated with one of the best and reliable brands of the country was a matter of pride and honor.

I was a little skeptical of the event, since it was my first and hadn’t met anyone earlier. Nevertheless, things panned out pretty nice. The event had kicked off a week before and it was the media who were experiencing the all new Tata Hexa. Being next in line after the Auto journalists to experience the car was a matter of pride for me. The entire #HexaExprience was wonderful as I got to meet the wonderful and passionate bloggers along with getting a chance to get behind the wheel of the beast – Tata Hexa. I’ll be sharing my experience at the Tata Hexa Launch event in two parts, so here’s how the Day 1 of the Tata Hexa Experience unfolded.

Arriving at the Hotel

According to the agenda sent out, we were supposed to check in to the Novotel Airport Hotel by 2pm. And the fact that 60 top bloggers from all over the country were going to be a part of this drive, the check in times were flexible. We had a set of fabulous bloggers coming in from Saddi Dilli, a team of enthusiastic bloggers from the Maximum City, an army of wonderful bloggers from Bangalore, a handful of best travel, fashion and tech bloggers from Chennai and finally 4 of us from the City of Nizams. The excitement had already begun a couple of days in advance with everyone discussing about the flight tickets, timings etc.

Make way for the Bloggers ! Tata Hexa Bloggers Day Out.
Make way for the Bloggers !

As per the agenda, I was at the hotel exactly at 2pm soon followed by Namma Bengaluru team. Meeting the reel life bloggers in real was exciting. Without wasting time, we quickly got our registrations done. Collected our Blogger Tags, bands and of course the ID card 😉 Soon left for a lavish buffet spread at the Square restaurant of the hotel. The buffet was a decent one minus the starters – I couldn’t find any. But the amazing ambiance, the pampered hospitality and the good food were bang on. There was a perfect mix of desi and videsi dishes along with luscious desserts. We quickly completed our lunch as other teams started arriving.

Getting a glimpse of Tata Hexa

Since most of them were busy with lunch, I along with few other bloggers decided to click some pictures of the Hexa that was in the lawn. The car was superb and the fact that we would be driving them the next day made it all more exciting. The chrome grill, the macho look, the sensuous Tail lights were appealing as we clicked like 50 photos of the car even before we got to drive it ! We then headed to our rooms.

The Tata Hexa at Novotel Airport Hotel.
The Tata Hexa at Novotel Airport Hotel.

Before I say anything, I must say that I loved the hotel lobby. It was colorful and lively. Soon I got into my room and wow ! The room was amazing, and the view I got was scintillating. A wonderful view of the swimming pool, the lawn and the flights taking off in the backdrop was superb. There was also a goodie bag placed on the bed and I quick to open and see it ! The bag had the details of the Tata Hexa along with a pen, a lovely diary and a pen drive.

Pampering ;)
Pampering 😉

Tata Hexa Product Briefing

Soon it was 6 and we were supposed to attend the product briefing by team Tata. All the bloggers were dressed at their best and there was a sense of excitement in the air. I was lucky to have gotten a seat right in the center of the first table in the hall that ensured I got an uninterrupted view of the action. With Introductions starting, I was asked to say a few words as it was my first meet and the fact that I was termed as the “lone warrior” from Hyderabad. I was clear in my mind that I knew everyone by their twitter handles or blog url, hence requested everyone that when they met me during the 2 days, to quote their twitter handles so that I could connect the virtual avatar with the real avatar – the hall then burst into laughter.

Richard from Tata Motors talking about the Design.
Richard from Tata Motors talking about the Design.

The product presentation began and we were given a brief about the Tata Hexa – its engineering journey, design journey and everything that ensure that the car hit the roads from the pencil designs on paper. The highlight of the event – for me at least – was the Digital Marketing Head Mr. Ashish Sahani telling and I quote “You all are the top 60 most influential bloggers in the country.” this will do a world of good ! Anyways, I’ll talk about the details of the car in the coming posts. So stay tuned ! We were also asked to split into teams of 3 later and had a FAQ session. Post the FAQ session, it was time to greet and eat.

Meet and Eat

I had a person, coming up to me and saying “Hi Maharaj” and I was blank. Then he said, @theAngrySaint, and I was like “Oh Hi !” (Now you know why I asked people to quote their twitter handles !) I had the pleasure of meeting @arvindpassey, @AnanthV9, @MrFukra, @MaitreniMishra, @yesteethatsme@theheebee, @amibhat, @indranitweets, @grubitizer, @PriyaKitchenett, @swamiupendra and my friend @VikramKhamboj with whom I interact a lot on Twitter. Post the briefing was time for dinner and cocktails along with socializing with others. There were caricature artists who were superb at their skills. Within a couple of minutes they came up with funny caricatures of each of us. The cocktail bar was flocked by many to try out the theme based drinks on offer.

Who loves Lasagna ?
Who loves Lasagna ?

While everyone enjoyed the drinks, I took my camera to have a look at the buffet spread. The spread was pretty good with a lot of vegetarian dishes on offer – Paneer Butter Masala, Mix Veg, Veg Biryani, Lasange, Dal Makhni and Rice. For desserts there were special cup cakes with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram logos on them along with Rasgulla, Ice Cream and Shahi toast. There was also a live counter that served up piping hot Naans, Rotis along with Noodles and some other Chinese items. Soon there was an announcement, that there was someone special was going coming, and that was Biswa Kalyan Rath– the famous stand-up comedian. He interacted with the audience and left us in splits with his jokes on Cricket, Cabs, Orissa, Bloggers and much more.

Kalyan Rath and the laugh riot that followed.
Kalyan Rath and the laugh riot that followed.

Exciting Day 2 awaits

The agenda for day 2 involved us getting up early at 5 and checking out of the hotel at 6 after breakfast. Hence I decided to get back to my room as it was 11 already as other enjoyed the drinks and socializing. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there as I’m an early sleeper and 11 was a bit late for me 🙁 When I got back to my room, there was another goodie bag placed near the pillow. Like a 4 year kid, I quickly grabbed it to see what was in there. A box of mouth-watering Macaroons in themed colors and a powerful power bank along with the Day 2 agenda ! With so much excitement already, I called it a day imagining of the wonderful, exciting drive on Day 2. Continue reading the day 2 experience here.

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