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Beautiful Tata Hexa all set for a spin !

Tata Hexa Bloggers Day Out – Day 2

Continuing from where I left off on Day 1, it’s time to share the experience of day 2 of the Tata Hexa Launch event. Do checkout the previous post before proceeding with this one. As per the Day 2 agenda, we were supposed to be up by 5am, have breakfast and checkout by 6am. Being an early riser, I had no issues getting up and was awake by 4. I’m sure there were many like me who wouldn’t have had the required sleep – thanks to all the excitement. We checked out and reached the breakfast lawn opposite to the swimming pool. I thought, I would be the first one to be there, but there were others already having breakfast. Quickly grabbed a plate, took a couple of Idlis, Upma and joined a group of experienced bloggers who were discussing about the Tata Hexa.

Perfect start to the day

Beautiful Tata Hexa all set for a spin !
Beautiful Tata Hexa all set for a spin !

Post breakfast, I took my camera and went to the other lawn. What I saw was simply beautiful – 20 Tata Hexas lined up in its full glory with the sun just coming up. We had two variants of the car for the #HexaExperience – the Arizona Blue (Manual) and the Chrome Silver(Automatic)and I’m sure many bloggers liked (read loved) the Arizona Blue ! We were provided a chance to experience both the variants of the Tata Hexa and hence the road trip was planned similarly. We were supposed to drive from the Hotel towards Vikarabad, a journey of about 85kms one side, and then swap cars (Manual to Auto and vice versa) and drive back to the hotel.

Tata Hexa - Arizona Blue !
Tata Hexa – Arizona Blue !

We were a team of three – an experience Driver (Sorry Pavanji), a novice driver and a beginner (me) so we were clear that who would do the bulk of the driving 😉 Along with us, we had Mr. Nitin Kamble – one of the father of the Tata Hexa, Chief Engineer and also a great human being who explained to us the car inside out. We were lucky to have him during our entire drive as he gave deeper insights of the Tata Hexa.

Mr Nitin talking about the features of the Hexa
Mr Nitin talking about the features of the Hexa

Jet Set go !

The race was flagged off by the Marketing Strategist Vivek and the Design Guru Richard as Pavanji started with the drive. We started with the Manual variant of the Hexa as in no time we hit the Nehru ORR road where we were supposed to be driving about 20kms before hitting the state highway. As Mr. Nitin explained the ‘Super Drive’ Modes of the vehicle – Pavanji quickly pounced and changed it to Sport mode and quickly hit the 150kmph mark at ease. The car was very stable and gave no signs of instability as we zoomed on the ORR road.

Driving on the Airport Road.
Driving on the Airport Road.

Once on the state highway, thanks to the superb navigation capability of the NaviMaps App that guided us throughout the journey. With 10 JBL Harman speakersa central speaker in the front, a woofer and amplifier at the back, 4 speakers in each door along with tweeters, the Tata Hexa was more of a Studio on Wheels. We decided to play some songs at full volume and boy its powerful ! The sound quality is simply superb and the bass is powerful. We were stopped by many on goers who were eager to know more about the new vehicle. We then stopped a farm land to capture photos of this beast along with fellow bloggers.

Tata Hexa PhotoShoot

A bright Sunny day – perfect to capture the Tata Hexa in its full glory. Post the photo session, we drove for a while, before I asked that I wanted to get behind the wheel too. Having driven a car way back in 2008-09, this was the first time I was driving. (I told this to everyone in the car after I started driving :P) I got on to the driver seat and trust me it was very comfortable. Being a SUV, it was spacious and gave a good, sturdy feel. Within no time, I realized I had hit the 5th gear and was cruising at around 100kmph ! Tata Hexa is Makhan, doesn’t give a hint that you are driving such a big car ! Was truly amazed with the ease of driving, stability and the powerful Varicor Engine under the hood that roared like a beast every time I accelerated. I did fumble up few times as I wasn’t able to get into the 5th gear, but that was fine.

Tata Hexa Arizona Blue in full glory.
Tata Hexa Arizona Blue in full glory.

We soon reached the resort and deposited the car to enjoy some refreshments as the automatic variant was being readied for us. It was we got a chance to speak to Mr Nitin and get more info about the car’s journey to the market. It was then he told “Atul, you drive good. It didn’t feel like you were driving after 4-5 years. You drive good and safe. Nice !” that’s one of the best compliments I’ve ever got !

Tata Hexa – Automatic

Soon we had the Automatic Tata Hexa in Chrome Silver ready for the drive. This was my first time in an Automatic variant on any car. This variant had a different seating arrangement what Tata calls “Captain Seating” – there were individual seats in the 2nd row that made it much more comfortable to sit with the arm rests and the structure of the seat. Before we started, Nitinji took the wheel to demonstrate how the automatic variant functioned. Post the half-kilometer demo, Pavanji took the car and totally loved driving it. Quickly into the Sports mode, and then unlocked the ‘hidden’ racer mode he touched 130-140kmph on a single lane highway. He was fast and was all in praise of the Hexa. We did stop by a lake to click a few pictures of the car before we hit the road back.

Tata Hexa Automatic in Chrome Silver.
Tata Hexa Automatic in Chrome Silver.

As we reached the ORR road, I expressed my desire to drive which was acknowledged by everyone. I had made my mind not to move my left foot at all and keep both the hands on the steering wheel since this was the first time I was driving an automatic variant of any car. The Tata Hexa also comes with a “Creep / Crawl mode” that allows the vehicle to move without any throttle – a plus point for bumper-to-bumper traffic, especially in cities. I started driving and boy it was effortless, the pickup was amazing and it quickly hit the 100 mark in no time. I was enjoying the ride and joked that I would want to take the car home and that Tata could keep my bike, with the helmet 😀 Because I didn’t want to get off the wheel, Nitinji was kind enough to allow me to drive for an extra 5-10kms on the Airport Road ! Even after reaching the hotel, I didn’t want to get down.

Post the wonderful ~200km drive we reached the hotel and were geared up for an Off road experience ! Yes, the folks at Tata had designed a proper Off-road track to provide and exciting experience to the bloggers. But due to safety reasons, we were not allowed to drive the Hexa and were being accompanied by a trained, specialist driver. The Offroad experience was one of it’s kind, and hence I’m dedicating a complete post to the marvelous Off-roading capability of the Tata Hexa.

Stay tuned for the dedicated Off-roading experience of the Tata Hexa.

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  1. Well described!
    For me the manual transmission was new experience, enjoyed the different gears.

    • Thanks Indraniji for stopping by. For me the auto was new, first time driving and auto variant. Was different but a breeze !

  2. wow! Such a detailed post. Nice to connect with you and loved reading your blog 🙂

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