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Joys of Unlimited Thali !!

You might go to for dinner at least once a week. (might include some exceptions who might want to argue on this). Now a days, due rise in prices of almost every bit, dining outside has become an expensive affair.

I remember that some years back dining out was cheap and more importantly thing were filling. Now a days people pay almost 500 bucks for something that doesn’t even fill the entire serving bowl, how will it fill your stomach ??

Hence, I am always in the hunt of Thali. A Thali (for those who don’t know – it is basically a platter which includes rotis, subzi, dal, rice, raita etc a.k.a sampoorna aahar) would cost anywhere from 100-300 rupees at a decent restaurant. But most of the time I have found that these have fixed quantities.

Me being a Foodie love to have unlimited Thali ( Unlimited Food !!! 😛). There are great joys associated with the Thali. Nothing can be as filling as this or maybe Over filing for many.

I remember enjoying, Gujarati Thali when I was in Ahmedabad. Restaurants like Tulsi in Rambag to Govardhan Thad on S.G Highway, the thali was served with hot, fresh and authentic Gujarati cuisine.

Gujarati Thali
Gujarati Thali

Also, the Maharashtrian Thali is something quite different from its Gujarati counter part. With more spice, there is an entirely different taste. I have had one at Kolhapur ( a famous restaurant near railway station, don’t remember the name though) and in Pune.

Maharashtrian Thali
Maharashtrian Thali

Lastly and most loved – Punjabi Thali. Well, its most sought of and widely available anywhere in India (even the smallest of the shack severing vegetarian food will have Thali on its menu that would have Paneer curry, Naan, rice etc). These are high calorie, but yummy.

Punjabi Thali
Punjabi Thali

It’s been ages since I’ve had a good, sumptuous meal. Well, if you know of some good restaurant that serves Unlimited Thali do leave your comments below !

Bon Apetite ! (As I said, I love French !)

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  1. Thanks a lot. I’ve had at Rajdhani but not other places. And its been quite some time since I left Gujarat, but will surely try these places. Thanks again.

  2. Mandap in Vadodara(Gujarati Thali), Rajdhani(chain of Restaurants), Pakwan in Ahmedabad(Gujarati Thali),Divine in Anand(Gujarati Thali) Even Mirch Masala(Ahmedabad, Vadodara & Anand used to provide Unlimited Punjabi Meals. I know only abt Gujarat

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