Modi – The Hat-Trick Hero

The results are out and an hands-down victory for Mr. Modi. Winning in his own constituency (Maninagar, Ahmedabad) with a margin of over 50,000 votes. I mean that’s amazing !

Amul - Modi Campaign
Amul campaign – “Darek mod ma Modi !”

Before, the results I had posted about the how the exit polls predicted a clear winner in Mr.Modi. (I sometimes wonder  how are these exit polls calculated and how come they are correct ?? If you know, please comment on this post.) So accordingly, the BJP won 2 more seats than the required majority (120 seats), while Congress having about 60 seats.

While, Mr. Manish Tiwari said that, all the regions where Rahul Gandhi went, Congress had won in those constituencies. Nevertheless, some of the heavy weights of Gujarati Politics – Mr. Vaghela, Praful Patel and others.

So, it’s 3rd term for Modi & Co. to make Gujarat more Vibrant and take it to a much higher level in the international arena.

Finally Modi can say, “Aapno Gujarat !!”

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