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Nouveau ways to 'capture' votes

With the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections not far away, political parties are in full swing to find new ways to ‘capture’ votes. Meanwhile you all must be familiar with “Bharat ke mazboot Haanth…” (INC) and “Abki baar Modi Sarkar…” (BJP) featuring at high frequencies on TVs. Gone are the days when ‘Booth Capturing‘ was a …

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India chants the NaMo Raag

With all the states gearing up for the upcoming MAHA-Polls on 2014, political parties are running from pillar to post to make sure people see only their party logo everywhere. From chai to gualaal, you will find everything in the market. On the same lines, the latest to join the Ad Bandwagon is Narendra Modi …

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Modi does an Obama !

“Yes we can” were first heard from President Barack Obama in his famous speech in Washington DC during his swearing in ceremony. Who might have thought that those three words would be heard anytime soon or not. But to our delight, our very own Narendra Modi aka NaMo shouted “Yes We Can” in a rally …

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