Modi does an Obama !

“Yes we can” were first heard from President Barack Obama in his famous speech in Washington DC during his swearing in ceremony. Who might have thought that those three words would be heard anytime soon or not.

Modi does an Obama !
Yes We Can. Courtesy:

But to our delight, our very own Narendra Modi aka NaMo shouted “Yes We Can” in a rally held in Hyderabad yesterday. First I thought only bollywood stole scripts from Hollywood but now it seems our babus too are getting their scripts from the US !! 😛 To my surprise, he even spoke Telugu for a while in the rally ! Seriously what parties can do to get into power !

With 2014 elections just around the corner, political parties are going all guns blazing at the UPA so that the UPA is no more in power. Well whatever they do its the Aam Aadmi who is peesing and peesing and peesing !!! (Please dont read it as pissing ! Its peesing – meaning to grind ! )

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