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August – the Holiday month !

I bet August certainly brings smiles on the faces of millions of students(school or college) and of course the teachers too 😛 This is the time when most of the schools/colleges reopen and you have this sudden rush of holidays gushing towards you ! Well, I don’t know about the culture outside India, but in India everyone awaits a holiday !

This August has been special for a reason. There was Id-ul-Fitr on 8th, which was a Friday and hence gave a chance to everyone for a great weekend getaway as Saturday and Sunday are usually off ! Sorry, but some office goers will not at all agree with me here !

Happy Holidays !! Courtesy – govietnamvisa.com

Next in line is the all important Independence Day on 15th August which is falling on a Thursday. Which is followed by Rakshabandhan which is on 20th August( my college says its on 20th while some calendars say its on 21st ! :/) Anyways so we have a holiday on the 15th(do go for the flag hoisting ! Nation first !!) I presume that no one will be present at work on Friday, 16th(many of who would have already applied for leave !! :P) and then 17th and 18th being a weekend. Followed by Monday 19th, which is declared as a holiday at my college and then comes Rakshabandhan which is on 20th ! So we have off from 15th August to 20th August !!

What better getaway than this ! In such hectic schedules with lots of assignments, project sitting on our heads ! Teachers running behind students for assignments, Bosses running behind worker for projects and everyone running behind everyone to get some or the other work done !

For everyone, just chillax and enjoy a weekend getaway with your family. If you are in Delhi, go to Agra or visit Ajmer Sharif’s Dargah, or probably visit Amritsar. If you are in Pune, Mumbai then you must get away to Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Khadala. If you are in Bengaluru, go for a road trip to Mysore, Madikere. 

And yes, do suggest me some places to see in Delhi, NCR !

Happy Holidays !!! 🙂 😛

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