India chants the NaMo Raag

With all the states gearing up for the upcoming MAHA-Polls on 2014, political parties are running from pillar to post to make sure people see only their party logo everywhere. From chai to gualaal, you will find everything in the market.

On the same lines, the latest to join the Ad Bandwagon is Narendra Modi aka NaMo. BJP’s prime ministerial candidate  who currently heads the state of Gujarat is being seen at political rallies all over India. His famous NaMo Chai (tea) is famous all over India and now we have Chai pe Charcha – discussion over tea – taking place all over the country. Recently on Women’s Day, NaMo used technology to its best when he conducted a Video Conference with women from Jharkhand, Delhi etc. In Delhi, his event was organized at Select City Walk, Saket. 

NaMo's chai pe charcha campaign. Courtesy: The Hindu
NaMo’s chai pe charcha campaign. Courtesy: The Hindu

In the current scenario, NaMo has toppled even the brand biggies like SRK, MSD and has many products being sold on his name. High Face value huh ? Started from NaMo Chai, on the occassion of Holi, we have NaMo gulaals flooding the markets.  The latest entrant is NaMo Sarees ! Well lets see what else is to come in future.

Look like he wants to become like TATA – which is often called the Salt to Software company – he soon will be the face of every product in the market !

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