Nexus 5 - 16 GB Black

Nexus 5 joins my gadget family !

It was in November last year when the tech giant – Google – decided to add a new member to its Nexus Family – Nexus 5. The phone has received a lot of accolades from the geeks around the globe. This is the ‘Bang for the buck’ phone currently in the market. Ever since Nexus 5 was released, I wished to have one. The phone was launched in India on November 20, 2013 and soon went out of stock from the Google Play Store. Thanks to some of my friends that I was able to have the device hands on ! And I must say, I just loved the ‘Pure Android’ experience.

After doing a bit of survey, I decided to go ahead with the Nexus 5. Reason ? Well, this was the ‘only’ stock android phone in the market at this price(29K Rs/16 GB) and this specification (2.3 Ghz Quad Core Processor, 2 GB RAM, 8MP Camera et all)

Nexus 5 - 16gb Black Indian Edition
Nexus 5 – 16gb Black Indian Edition

The whole process of purchasing the device was a huge task. Deciding where to buy it from was the biggest of all. The phone, when inquired in the markets in Noida was out of stock, so the only hope was the online store. Flipkart was already out of race as it doesn’t deliver products over 10,000 Rs in Uttar Pradesh 😛 Google Play Store accepts only Credit Cards in India – a thing which I don’t have, so Play Store also out of race. Next was Amazon. My experience at Amazon had been good, so decided to order it from here. To my amazement the phone was available, but due to some technical issue wasn’t able to book it at that moment. What happened after that was surprising – the cost of the phone rose to almost 33K for the 16 GB version. Well, that’s a lot ! My last resort and my most preferred online store – eBay – was the only hope. The phone was in stock and ordered it right away along with the Rearth Ringke Fusion case.

Be it my luck or sheer coincidence, it was Thursday and I had just reached home. I was aware that the guys at BlueDart are in the process of bringing the device home. I must mention, the online tracking facility of BlueDart is pretty bad. FedEx on the other hand has the best tracking. So would suggest people to check with customer care to track the order and don’t rely on the website. I just took my iPad to check my result that was due this weekend. And there it was, my results were out – scored 8.2 GPA. 🙂 I was just going through my marks and the door bell rang. I attended it and Voila ! my Nexus 5 has arrived ! What a moment – a good result and an instant reward ! 😛

Nexus 5 16GB Black Indian Edition
Nexus 5 16GB Black Indian Edition

I checked the serial number as soon as I opened the box. It was from the 401K series ie manufactured in 2014. Why would I be interested in the serial number ? Well, a while back it was reported that the loud speaker had some issues along with the buttons. So the guys at LG and Google decided to ‘tweak’the hardware and ship it. So all the phones with this serial number have the new hardware which sports a slightly bigger loudspeaker grill.

Well, what after that ? It was time to explore the device. The amazing feel of the handset, the utterly crisp display and the smoothest operation. Backed-up data from my old phone, got the sim card ready and using it now ! So yeah, almost after a year since iPad entered my gadget family, a new member joined in ! It’s celebration time kyunki bura na maano Holi hai !! 😛

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