Birthday just as another day.

Just as you hear the word “Birthday“, one would link it to parties and what not. This is one of those special days, that is ought to be enjoyed. And it is indeed celebrated king size. One would often see the Birthday Boy/Girl running to the sink with cake on their faces. Be it a Monday or Sunday, Birthday is a Birthday !

Everyone has different notions about the word – “enjoy“. Some like to celebrate it by throwing a big party at some pub,disc or a restaurant. Other would like to go on a long drive with their loved ones and celebrate. There are some masti elements who are ready to shout slogans outside your house at 12 am. While others (less than 1% of the world’s population) want it to be simple and a low key affair.

Well, I’m not hesitant at all in saying that I’m one of that 1% who want it to be a low key affair. My usual birthday celebrations routine is wake up as usual (I don’t believe in “Today is my day, I’ll get up anytime I want.) go to class (if there is). Follow the normal day at work. Maybe have something exotic for lunch (a paneer platter is exotic enough for me :P) and treat some close friends. Get home and spend some good time with family, some good food and that’s it !

I don’t prefer the birthday songs, cake on face, huge crowds gathering to wish. I keep it as simple as possible. So to all those people, who think I don’t enjoy, this is my definition of enjoyment !

So this post is dedicated to all my friends who have made may birthday a good one. My college friends, hostel buddies, chaddi-buddies and all those special people whom I can never forget. Thanks a lot ! 


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