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Vishwaroopam – Must Watch

Last Saturday I got a chance to see the latest Tollywood/Bollywood flick – VishwaroopamFirstly, after watching the trailers and reading about all the controversies around this film and most importantly the lead actor being Kamal Hasan, I was desperate to watch this one.

Vishwaroopam poster. Courtesy: sulekha
Vishwaroopam poster. Courtesy: sulekha

Well, the movie is awesome ! And by awesome I mean AWESOME ! The plot rotates around the lead – Mr. Kamal Hasan alias Vishwanath alias KashmiriSome remarkable acting by the villian – Rahul Bose alias OmarVish’s wife is a dumb  Nuclear Oncologist who in the whole movie does nothing but doubts Vishwanath. The movie is all about how Vishwanath tries to stop Omar from creating a nuclear havoc in the U.S.

The things I liked in the movie were:

    • First of all the plot that is based in Afghanistan and talks about the terror activities and Taliban and all. I loved this one.
    • The stunts / actions in the movie were practical. No useless or super-natural stunts(no Rajni Sir kindof stunts)
    • Realistic story and plot – I mean at no point in the movie you would feel like “Cumon this doesn’t happen in real life”

Also, I(no intentions of harming any individual’s or a group’s sentiments) found no scene that would harm the sentiments of any group.

But nevertheless, the movie was a great one. I rarely watch movies, and choose to watch only the ones that have some hatke stories. My last few films include the likes of  Guzaarish and Talaash

All in all a great must watch for all !!

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