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Scams and India

Scams have become a common word in our day to day lives. For us Indians, scams have become part and parcel of our lives. Scams are everywhere. From telecommunications to armed forces to housing schemes everything in India has a FREE SCAM attached to it ! Its like everything in Indian is on a offer and you get a scam free with it !

In India everything comes with a FREE SCAM. Courtesy: avu3a.org
In India everything comes with a FREE SCAM. Courtesy: avu3a.org

This all started with the commonwealth scam where the officials ate up crores and crores of money. Later it was the 2G and 3G scam, in which again the officials got crores and crores. Then came the coal block where an estimated amount of 10 Lakh Crore (wonder how many zeros are there in it !) was lost in the allocations. And the latest entrant is the military’s chopper deal. Apparently the middleman ate up money this time(Most likely the middleman didn’t give a part of it to the officials in India, hence this news was leaked 😛 ). Some newspaper even quoted an incident where the planes rejected by the U.S President due to high prices have been bought by India !

I wonder what the aam aadmi can do in such cases. Sitting on a dharna or hunger strike makes no difference. What can be done to stop the scams in the country ? One means could be to improve the salaries of the govt. officials so that they don’t take that extra bit on every task they take up. But the most important thing is that one should realize this from within. If an individual follows the correct path at all times, similarly if everyone thinks the same way, the condition in the country will surely improve.

Well, I know this will take ages to take effect. But better late than sorry. India has lost millions and millions in scams. I hope that things improve in the future and a visible difference takes place…

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