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Paneer-i-licious Day !

Just as the title suggests, it was a certainly a PANEER-I-LICIOUS day for me. Well not something great but some real good thing just because I’m a Paneer Lover ! 😛 Maybe all the women were happy and blessed me because of  me sending Women’s Day wishes ! 😛

As usual, during my lunch hours I prefer to have food from the cafeteria. Some time the lunch includes Pav Bhaji, Dabeli, Paneer Paratha, Mutter Paneer and Paratha. Anyways today, I ordered Paneer Biryani. This dish is usually served with raita and nothing else.

But today there was a bit of rush and the guy at the counter was way too busy. He was on the verge of goofing up the orders he received. He took my order and started to fill the plate with Biryani. *drooling* just then he was listening to some other guy and instead of serving the raita, he poured a hefty amount of Mutter Paneer ! (I was all happy happy ! Mann mein laddoo phoota !! 😛 ;)) By the time the plate was full, had he realized that it was supposed to be raita and not Mutter Paneer.

Paneer Biryani with Raita. Courtesy: Flikr
Paneer Biryani with Raita. Courtesy: Flickr

He was like “Bhaiya galti se Paneer daal diya hai, aaj chala lo..” and I was feeling like “That’s what I wish for everyday !! :P” Even my friend accompanying me asked “Oye what’s this ? How come you got Paneer Curry with Biryani ?? 

Certainly a Paneer-i-licious day ! Wish such accidents happen everyday !

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