You certainly might be a proud owner of a laptop. But I bet you would have certainly spent a good amount of your savings on it. But the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was on a laptop thro-away spree in which he provided over 19,000 laptops to eligible students who have successfully passed their intermediate and equivalent exams. If you are eligible for it, contact the CM and share your experience 😉

Laptop scheme in which laptops were given to intermediate pass students. Courtesy NDTV
Laptop scheme in which laptops were given to intermediate pass students. Courtesy NDTV

He has done a commendable job by providing laptops to students to promote higher studies. But his laptop scheme is in news for all the wrong reasons !! Well why so ? The laptop is un-configurable. I mean the laptop comes with the Samajwadi Party Supremo’s image as the wallpaper and also as the boot image. The first thing you see before you boot into windows is the photo of the minister

And these things cannot be changed/replaced. according to news sources What ??? Do I have to see only their face always ?? That’s way too much. Another problem, what if I want to have an extended memory partition ? That isn’t supported either. The laptop crashes whenever we attempt to change the wallpaper, boot settings or the memory partition.

Wonder what was the deal that took place between the minister and Hewlett Packard. Anyways, the intentions were pointing towards increasing the vote bank rather than imparting education. Well thought Mr. Minister, getting votes in return for buggy laptops ! What and idea sirji !!

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