Dakor – journey to holy city.

Wondering what’s Dakor ? Well this is small hustling-bustling town in Kheda district of Gujarat. This is about 30 kms from Nadiad and Anand – the two major cities.

Shree Temple. Courtesy: meriyatrra.com
Shree Ranchhodrajii Temple. Courtesy: meriyatrra.com

Dakor is famous for the Shree  Ranchhodrajii Temple( Lord Krishna ) One can say that this is another Mathura-kindof city which houses many Krishna devotees. Each year during Holi, thousands of devotees walk all the way to the temple. People from all walks of life – young and old, children – everyone walks to the temple. It takes around 2 days to reach Dakor from Ahmedabad.

Devotees walking to Dakor. Courtesy: veethi
Devotees walking to Dakor. Courtesy: veethi

On their way to Dakor, many individuals or NGOs set up stalls that serve drinking water, juice, food items for the devotees walking to the temple. And this all is free. This shows the faith of people and their sense of service to the society.

They reach Dakor on the day of Holi. There is a special arti that takes place at the temple and then the festival is enjoyed with vibrant colours.

Holi certainly is a great festival to bond with people. This is celebrated as Lodhi in the northern part of India. So here’s wishing everyone a very Happy and COLOURFUL HOLI ! 🙂

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