Build up to exams…

April is said to be the month of examinations. Be it a kindergarten child or a university under grad student, everyone is busy preparing for exams during this time. Parents set their own routines according to the child’s exams so that the child is not disturbed in any possible manner.

But for me, exam time is just a normal time. Normal boring routine, wake up, study for few hours, watch tv, surf the web, listen to music etc etc etc.. And most importantly help out my friends. This because I’m generally prepared before hand. Even then there are millions of other things that pull me away from my study desk. (still that doesn’t make me feel I’m wasting time, coz I keep tap on these things)

Anyways the first and foremost thing is CRICKET – All forms of cricket be it t20 or my favourite test cricket, all of this will take place in April. The best example is the Indian Premier League or the IPL. Even though it takes away only 3-4 hours off my evening non-study period, it’s always in the mind – yaar aaj kaun jeetega !! 😛 Even right now I’m all set for the match between Namma Bengaluru and Aamchi Mumbai !!

Another thing is my girlfriend(as said by one of my bestest friend) – the iPad Mini – PADMINI 😛 ;-). I’m hooked to it reading magazines, busy reading news on Flipboard , running around in Subway Surfers and cooking some pancakes at my very own restaurant in Cook it Up

Anyways, whatever happens, I’ll still continue with the same routine coz I never take tension for exams… my motto is very clear – EXAM TOH ROZ ROZ AATE RAHENGE LEKIN CRICKET MATCH BAS EK BAAR HI AATA HAI exams come and go but cricket matches come only once 😛

So, concluding remarks – well as exams starting from Saturday i might not have a continuous, break-free flow of posts, but will still try to put up things…till then have fun and WISH ME LUCK !!!

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