Hostel – a place only for the misbehaved ?

Do share your views after reading this, I would like to know what you think about this.

You might have heard from you family friends, colleagues, relatives etc that they have put their son / daughter in a boarding school. When asked Why ? The response is “He/She is too misbehaved, naughty, ill mannered blah blah blah !!”

Let me clarify. This is a very WRONG notion in everyone’s mind. Boarding Schools / Hostels are not meant for this ! If you think that a boarding school is something like a prison where a child will be beaten up and molded into a well human being , then I guess you need some brain wash ! Recently I saw a guy been sent to hostel. And when asked why, the mother replied “Bahut shararat karta tha ! Wahan jaake sahi ho jaayega..” (He is too mischievous, he’ll be fine if he goes there(hostel))

There’s nothing wrong in sending your child to a boarding school but the mentality with which you send him/her is wrong. Boarding school will indeed make him disciplined, well mannered and add a whole lot of good qualities in a child but one shouldn’t put a child in hostel just because he is mischievous. There are very high chances that a girl/boy can get a bad company of friends and turn even more mischievous and ill mannered that he was before !

I just wish to see the mentality of people change over the time. I’m afraid this hasn’t happened in the past few years. Even today when my parents say to someone that I studied in a boarding school, their first response is “Was he too mischievous ?? Wahan se aake toh sudhar gaya hoga.. I mean come on I wasn’t an animal when I went there !

To all those who feel that hostel / boarding school is only for the misbehaved, let me tell you –


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  1. good words bro…seriously ppl need to learn this…many a time some SMART BRAINS looks at me with a very sharp eys whn i say i hav been into 1 of them…actly 1 of the bst in the world;)

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