Computer cleaning time !

Summers are not good only for us but for our geeky gadgets too ! Think from their perspective too ! Summer brings with it high temperatures, and lots of dust. Dust, Lot of dust is an enemy for the gadgets. This minutest particle have the ability to bring down the whole system !

So, today I took up the activity to clean my computer. It had been lying around untouched for quite some time now due to my exams. Cleaning a computer can be an easy task to a humongous task – depends on how you look at it ! Remember Virus aren’t the only thing that attack your computer, dust too can bring your system to a standstill.


I couldn’t imagine the amount of dust excavated from my cabinet. See the below image as to how much dust was accumulated. Yeah the pattern you see ? That is dust !

Dirty Grill - Attacked by dust !
Dirty Grill – Attacked by dust !

And this is how it looked after clean up !!

Crystal Clear grill !
Crystal Clear grill !

Even the components inside had lot of dust on them, the HDD and the graphic card especially. Due to the attached fan on it, accumulates lot of dust. See the image below :

Dust covered HD 6670
Dust covered HD 6670

And this is how it looked after cleaning !

Crystal Clear HD 6670
Crystal Clear HD 6670

Crystal clear isn’t it ? Well I enjoy cleaning my machine frequently. My armory include cloth, few art brushes.

Some tips I would like to share are :

  • Make sure to touch a metal piece before opening the cabinet, your static electricity might damage some components
  • Water is a strict no !
  • Use a cloth that doesn’t leave particles behind, tissue is the best bet.
  • Use art brushes for area tough to clean.
  • Clean the vents properly alongwith all the system fans to improve the cooling in the system.

So here’s a poll, I’d like all of you to take part it so that everyone can know, how clean your system is

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