Reebok – ReFlex Transition 2.0 – Review

For a long time, I had been thinking to get a new pair of shoes. And it was only last week, that I got time to get them. Even after walking up and down, round and round the mall, trying out lots of shoes I couldn’t get the one I wanted.

Adidas, Nike, Puma were the ones on my list and headed straight to their showrooms. Had been using Puma for quite sometime now, and my experience with Puma was amazing. The shoes were durable and lasted over 2 years. But the only issue I faced was the sole was too hard. Adidas shoes were too heavy, comparable to Woodland I suppose ! 😛 

Anyways, after trying out many shoes, I finally bought the Reebok – ReFlex Transition 2.0.

As I entered the shop, I was recommended this shoe first. The shopkeeper didn’t even want me to try something else ! And I must say, after using this, you would certainly think twice before leaving the store without buying the shoe !

I must say, the shoe is amazingly light weight in the first place. Secondly the sole is not too hard and while walking one can feel the sole pressing the ground. The grip of the show is something new, the shoe has the ability to bend in any direction and moves according to the motion of the foot.

The shoe feels really comfortable with the soft cushion all around. The grip ensure that you won’t slip no matter how the terrain is.  As this is a training shoe, it can be used for any type of event – running, walking etc. All in all , I am greatly satisfied with this product and certainly recommend this to all of you !

Here’s the official video of the shoe :

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