My 'No-Food' Navratra fast experience

Navratri is celebrated as the trademark festival of the people of Gujarat and West Bengal. Gujaratis celebrate this festival with great pomp and glory by dressing in the traditional Jhabbas and Ghagra Cholis and dance all night as the whole state is immersed in the mood of the festival. On the other hand the Bengalis call it Durga Puja and head to their homeland – Kolkata to witness the 9-day long festivities with amazing pandals with the idols of the Goddess Durga along with yummy food !

My 'No-Food' Navratra fast experience
Traditional Garba Dandia folk dance of Gujarat. Courtesy: Wikipedia

It’s not the first time I was fasting during Navratra, but it’s been 3-4 years since I started it. Initially thinking of fasting for 9 long days seemed a daunting task, but when I actually started it, things fell in place. For past years I had been fasting but with restrictions in the intake of food with no Onions, Garlic, Food Grains (Rice, Wheat etc.) and was only on a Milk, Fruit and Water diet. Check out my recipe for Sabudana Khichdi.

My 'No-Food' Navratra fast experience
Sabudana Khichdi. Courtesy: Atulmaharaj

Well this time around things were pretty different as I intended to fast without food for as many days as possible. Can be thought of as a small Ann-Shan 😛 Well, I remember it was a Saturday when the fast started and I had a cup of coffee in the morning. That that I tried to avoid water too. The main motive behind this was to see how long I could go on with the ‘no-food’  routine. Things were fine on Saturday and Sunday. I remember my friend grabbing a Subway sandwich and enjoying it as I simply sat and watched him  enjoy it !

It was Monday and it was college time. That day I remember having a glass of cold coffee for breakfast and went to college. It was a hectic day, but some how managed to survive it. So it’s 3 straight days without food !! On Tuesday in college I was approached by my friends to explain them some concepts to which I readily agreed. It was lunch time and my friends were planning to order a Rajma Chawal and eat infront of me. I was like “Get it, It won’t affect me, I can resist myself now’ 

Soon my friends were there and I started teaching them. I spoke and spoke and spoke ! This made be drink almost 2 litres of water in 2 hours !! That was tiring. That day I came home and was way too tired.. and couldn’t avert food in any manner. I then grabbed an apple and thus my no-food aka ann-shan came to an end. But that didn’t bring an end to my 9 day long navratra fasting !

Well it was a great experience, but I did realize its not easy to do so. For me it was easy because I have my personal  reservoir of energy 😛

But all in all it were great 9 days not only from the point of view of the fast but there were many good things happened this while., meeting new friends, familiarizing with them and knowing them better. It’s always nice to make new friends ! Cheers !

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