FRIENDS – my first sitcom

I had/have never been too much into Hollywood or English songs, plays, serials. Ever since my childhood days that I spent in hostel, my friends enjoyed listening to the likes of Linkin Park, Enriques (these are probably the only names I know !) while I enjoyed the likes of Sonu Nigam, K.K, Rahman sir and all the others. Even today, I kindof have very little idea about Hollywood. The only thing that has changed probably is that I do watch Hollywood films that have won the Oscars. The last movies I saw were Argo and The Artist.

It was maybe a year ago that my friends introduced me to this amazing sitcom Friends. Well, I had seen few trailers of it on Star World while swapping the channels, and I recognized Joey. I must thank my friends for giving that to me. I just saw one episode and something just clicked that made me download the whole 10 seasons. Even though I didnt watch it extra regularly like others, who would have finished all the seasons in a week, or maybe less than that !!


In the past one month, I was glued to it. I never realised how time passed and the series finished. I was so engrossed in Chandler Bing’s jokes, Monica’s cleanliness obsession, Ross and Rachel’s thing. Pheobe and her Smelly Cats and of course Joey and his food ! The cast was so perfect for the characters. Even the temporary characters that pitched in like Janice, Gunther, ensured that I was not able to get my eyes off the screen. It was a laughter ride for me and enjoyed every bit of it.

But just a while back, it all ended. I completed all the seasons, and couldn’t believe that after all that laugh riot, there was this saddest episode left. The last episode was very touching as everything was coming to an end, Monica and Chandler moving to a new house with their babies, Rachel getting off the plane and moving in with Ross. I mean just perfect. I wish the series continued.

Well, this was my first sitcom and I loved every bit of it. Now that this is over,Note –  I’m still a ‘noob’ with English movies and songs – the good part is I can recognize Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer 
where ever and whenever I see them !!:P  So its time to move on… my friends just loaded my hard drive with Big Bang Theory. My second sitcom 😛 😉

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