What is Ek Nayi League all about ?

Recently we have seen that our first World Cup winning captain – Kapil Dev who is all over the internet talking about his new league aka: Ek Nayi League. Well the charismatic all rounder is seen wearing different hats – from talking about his retirement period and mimicing the legendary Dev Anand who had then asked him not quit to talking about how girls are doing wonders for our nation with the like of Saina and Sania making all of us proud !

But what is this EkNayiLeague all about ? We try to find out. Well Kapil Paaji is busy on the internet challenging people from various walks of life saying to come and participate in his New League. He’s seen calling the Bollywood fraternity to come out and play his new league. Let’s get down to the finer details of the videos he has posted. In one of the video, paaji seems to be talking about Hit Wicket (gyan for non cricket readers – hit wicket happens when the batsman hits the wicket with his own bat !) and what it is. He also goes on to add that if you play ‘his league’ “Dil Se” then you will surely be hit wicket !

In another video, he’s having a message for Sania Mirza and is seen talking about girls and sports. He talks about how there are only 300 girls who play a sport and represent India on the world map. They play their sport with great dedication in short they play the game “Dil Se” But once again, Paaji says, if you play this game dil se, you will definitely not go far !

Paaji also talks about the money that the sportsperson get in their respective sports. He shares his memories of how back in his days, he used to wonder that sportsperson like Tiger Woods and other great people earn so much and why aren’t Indian sportsperson upto the mark ? Well he gets his answer, thanks to Yuvraj Singh who battled Cancer and came back with a bang by getting a contract of a whopping 16 Crore to play for Delhi Daredevils in the 8th edition of the Indian Premier League. He says how everyone including the likes of Sehwag have played “Dil Se” and reached this pinnacle.

Well, did you notice the Dil Se” ? Paaji has been constantly saying that if you play his league “Dil Se” then surely you aren’t going to win. From all the videos, I can only narrow down to one thing and that one thing is a Quiz Show. Yes, Paaji’s EkNayiLeague is a quiz show ! Because a quiz show is definitely not a place to play “Dil se”  but its a place to play “Dimaag Se”.

So now that we know that Paaji’s EkNayiLeague is all a quiz, its the perfect time for all of us to go and get out those GK books and start preparing kyunki Ek Nayi League mein Dil se kheloge toh aapki Googly ho jaayegi..!

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